How to Sell Gold and Silver: Online vs. In Person

Do you have gold and silver lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe it’s time to sell it and cash your belongings in for actual cash! How do you sell your precious metals, though? Do you have to find a buyer in person or can you get rid of your items online? Both are options, actually – it’s just a matter of which choice will work better for you.

Before You Sell

Make sure to do your homework. What exactly do you have and what’s it worth? What are the rates in your area? What do online rates look like and how competitive are they? If you know your stuff going into a sale, it’s unlikely that the buyer will try to take advantage of you.

Selling Online

• Generally, you’ll get higher offers for gold and silver when you sell it online – that’s not a guarantee, though, and some people find better deals in actual local stores.

• Your first step is to find a website that buys gold and silver. Then, you have to agree to a fair price for the sale. The prices should be locked in so that both parties are clear on exactly what they’re getting.

• When selling online, you’ll probably need to show credit or debit card information. This is security for the buyer – if you cancel the sale, you’ll be charged for the market difference. (If you fulfill your end of the deal, there’s no reason for you to be billed.)

Selling In Person

• This is the option for you if you need cash in your hand immediately. When you sell online, it can take a few days to complete the order and get paid.

• It’s best to choose a credible company over a basic pawn shop or a store that advertises, “We give cash for gold!” The higher quality the company, the more of a fair deal you’ll get.

No matter what, always be honest with the buyer. Interested in learning more about selling gold and silver? Order today for more information.

Gun Safes

Using A Gun Safe For Travel

Many people need to carry weapons as a part of their travel, and they need to have a way to store their guns safely. The proper gun safe is useful for anyone who drives often, and these same safes can be used in hotel rooms. The gun owner can learn here about how to use these gun safes properly, and they can learn ways to make use of the safes in the best way.

In The Car

When people have to drive with a weapon in their car, they need to make sure that they are keeping these guns in a safe. A small gun safe can be slid under the seat in the car, or it can be safely stowed in the back of the vehicle. People who have concealed carry licenses can carry their guns on their person, but they may want to use a gun safe simply to make life easier on the road.

In The Hotel

When people are traveling, they should not trust their guns to the safes that they see in the hotel rooms. These safes are not secure, but a gun safe that the owner carries with them is going to prevent anyone from getting to the gun at any point. Also, these safes are easy to hide in spots in the hotel room. Someone who wants to protect their firearms will have an easier time safeguarding guns when they are in these safes.


There are rare circumstances when people can check firearms for a plane flight. However, these guns need to be kept in a safe that the airport personnel can open. Using these safes ensures the airline that the gun is secure, and it is a very professional way to present the gun for travel purposes.

When people want to keep their guns safe, they should invest in proper gun safes that will help them secure these firearms. Everyone is much safer when guns are kept in safes, and the smallest safes are useful for people who want to travel with their guns all over the world.

Five Reasons Marriage is Great

It isn’t news: every year, for every thousand people in the United States, there are just a bit fewer than seven marriages. Half of them will end in divorce. That is a tragedy. Marriage is meant to be a foundation upon which a family is built, and the family builds the nation. What makes marriage so special?

Well, for one thing, it increases life span. Especially for men, the figures are startling: the death rate for single men from all causes is, according to some sources, 250% higher than for married men. Married people also accumulate more wealth. That’s because people put their earnings together and split the cost of “extras.” In addition, you can choose which insurance plan is best and benefit from two retirement plans. Marriage is a stable environment in which to raise kids. Although our definition of family and marriage are changing, the traditional model still seems to be the most sought-after “institution.” Society makes things easier for married people, and that includes getting tax breaks and Social Security benefits. Studies show that married people are happier. They spend less time alone and get the support they need to succeed in other aspects of life.

All the things that make marriage wonderful make divorce tragic. Splitting those acquired assets is frustrating and can lead to bitterness. Figuring out how to dissolve joint bank accounts and insurance benefits tests the best minds. Deciding who claims what on taxes can lead to many sleepless nights. The hardest thing about divorce, though, is how to deal with the custody of the children. Often, fathers get the “short end of the stick” when it comes to having custody or even visitation, as through their bonds to their kids are not as strong as the mother’s.

IF you are struggling through a divorce, you don’t have to do it alone. Companies like Cordell and Cordell can lead you through the process, making individual decisions easier and helping you anticipate problems that may surface later. Dealing with the emotional issues of dissolving a marriage is something you must do alone. Dealing with the thousand-and-one technical issues of finance and custody, division of property and debt are issues for which you can look to your attorney for help. Don’t “go it alone.” Check out Cordell & Cordell Reviews to see how other people made it through divorce with a “little help from their friends.”

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