The Importance of Encouraging Our Children’s Interests

As parents, it is our responsibility to provide the support that our children need especially when it comes to developing the talents that they have. We should be able to recognize their interests and talents especially during the early stages of their lives. The support and encouragement that they will get from us will play a critical role as to how successful they will be in the future. Our support can be as simple as enrolling them at dance class or buying them a guitar or spaun drums the moment they express interest in learning how to be a dancer or a musician. Giving them the tools that they need will help them as they decide on what they want to be as adults.

6 Emotional Realities New Parents Face

Being a parent is hard. Luckily, there will be plenty times filled with joy that will make it all worthwhile. As a therapist, you may want to find more ways to help your patients here. It’s important that you provide support during the ups and downs that your patients face. Many parents will have the following emotions.

1. You’re never able to take away your child’s pain. Their first blood test, first fever, first time they bump their head, etc. You can comfort them, but you can’t make the pain go away.

2. You’re probably going to worry constantly. From the time you find out that you’re pregnant throughout their adulthood, you’re going to worry about your children.

3. Be prepared to realize you’re not perfect. You’re going to make parenting mistakes, no matter how much you try to do the right thing.

4. You’ll deal with a lot of uncertainty. You’ll wonder why your baby’s crying, since they’re fed, changed, and certainly not sleepy. Some of this uncertainty you’ll figure out, but a lot of it will remain a mystery.

5. You’ll learn to let go. Things will end, including their childhood. This can be heartbreaking, but it’s also wonderful, since the best outcome possible is watching your child grow up to lead a healthy life.

6. You’ll sometimes feel out of control. Your life will revolve around your children, which is quite a change from being in total control of your schedule and activities.

Having wonderful moments doesn’t mean parents will be spared the difficult ones. New parents should be encouraged to expect both and to remember that they’re going through the same difficulties all parents face.

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