Learning to Ride Your New Horse

When you get a horse for the first time, learning to ride can be a challenge. Training your horse to accept you as his friend and rider takes instruction, practice and patience. With dedicated effort, you can create a special bond and riding relationship with your new horse.

Like people, horses have different personalities. Some are calm, well-mannered and receptive to commands, while others are free-spirited and harder to train and ride. Horses are highly intelligent animals, but they are shy by nature and often spook easily. When working with your new horse, it’s important to stay calm and well-mannered and don’t get overly aggressive.

Approaching Your Horse

A horse may feel shy and apprehensive when approached by someone who is unfamiliar. Until your horse gets used to seeing you, try walking in an arc toward the horse rather than in a straight line to make your presence known. Make sure the horse is facing in your direction and avoid direct eye contact. When you get close to your horse, extend the back of your hand for the horse to smell, then gently pet him to help build a personal bond.

Mounting Your Horse

Typically, horses are trained to accept riders mounting on the left side, so don’t try to mount your horse on the right side. If your horse is moving, don’t force him to stand still. You can allow him to move a little, but control his direction and find a balance point to mount the horse. When mounting your horse, distribute your weight evenly by pushing down on the horse’s right shoulder, so your full weight isn’t on his left side.

Proper Riding Gear

Before you go riding, make sure you have on proper riding gear for maximum comfort and safety. You can wear good, comfortable western jeans or breeches that fit your body snugly. Breeches, usually made from cotton and spandex, keep you from sliding around on a smooth leather saddle. They’re fitted at the bottom and come in all sizes including plus size riding breeches. Cowboy boots or paddock boots with a one inch heel are best for stirrup control, but don’t forget comfortable wicking socks. To avoid head injuries in case of an accident, purchase a certified and approved horseback riding helmet. They are affordable, lightweight and available in a variety of styles to suit every type of rider.

Great Gift Ideas

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Meeting Financial Goals

Reaching financial milestones can be challenging. Unexpected expenses, such as home or car repairs, can derail savings goals. It is important to recognize which goals are most important to you. After you decide which goals you would like to reach first, you can determine a budget that will help you achieve these milestones.

Set Your First Goals
One of your first goals can be to save money for unexpected costs. Many people decide to save an amount that can cover several months of living expenses to use as an emergency fund. Having money to cover your living expenses can be beneficial if you are faced with a job loss or other emergency. You may also want to set aside amounts for future expenses, such as purchasing a new car or home. Being able to save your money now can save you from paying loan interest in the future.

Track Your Money
Determining a monthly budget can help you reduce unnecessary spending. You may find it helpful to track each dollar that you spend for a month or two. This can help you see whether you are spending money impulsively. If you are spending more money than you want, then challenge yourself to reduce your spending by a certain amount. Decide which spending categories you can reduce. For example, shopping at warehouse stores can save money on groceries.

Consider All Options
If you are struggling to save money, then there are other options you can consider. You may want to rent a spare room in your home to earn rent money. You can also consider working an additional job for a few hours each week. These solutions do not have to be permanent. Working extra hours for just a few months can dramatically decrease your debt or increase your savings. If you need cash quickly, then you can decide to sell annuity payments.

Balancing your household budget can be incredibly stressful. Saving money and reducing debt can help you feel comfortable with your finances. Achieving your financial goals can help you enjoy the best parts of your life.

Four Ways to Ensure a Better Night’s Sleep

Making sure that you get enough high-quality sleep is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. Seven to nine hours of sleep of night is ideal, though most of us do not get that. For a lot of people work schedules and family obligations can get in the way of sleeping, but others they still have a difficult time once in bed. The stress of our daily lives can often creep up on us, making us restless throughout the night. To make sure that you are getting the most out of whatever amount of sleep you are able to get, implement these four sleeping tips.

Put the Phone Away

If you are in the habit of looking at your phone before turning down, this could be negatively affecting your sleep. The light from the screen indicates to our brain that it should be awake, making it difficult to shut down once you put it away. To help prevent this, avoid phones, televisions, and other screens which produce artificial light one hour before bed.

Try Yoga or Meditation

A great way to unwind before bedtime is through yoga or meditation. These practices can help rid you of the stresses of the day through breathing exercises, gentle stretches, and mindfulness. You might try swapping your phone for meditation prior to bedtime for optimal results.

Use a Weighted Blanked

Weighted blanket products are often used for children with autism in order to learn self-soothing mechanisms. They are also great for those who have trouble sleeping. Companies such as Weighted Blankets Plus sell weighted stuffed animals, lap pads, and blankets, which can help calm anyone who suffers from anxiety, particularly around bedtime.

Drink Tea

Skip the nightcap and opt instead for a soothing tea, which will help ease you into a quality night’s sleep. Try a caffeine-free herbal tea such as peppermint or chamomile. These blends have ingredients which help promote relaxation and restful sleep.

Utilize one of more of these helpful tips in order to begin getting a better night’s sleep right away!

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