First Payment from LoudLaunch

I had been a blogger in Loud Launch for almost a year now but just this August I able to grabbed task from them.  They pay their blogger every month but last month the payment was sort of delayed.  They have lots of blogger in their network and they are having hard time consolidating their finances thats the reason of their delay.  After a month of waiting I reap my first fruit of my hardwork.  Thank you so much loud launch team hope to work more job with you.  Look forward for my next pay.  So, if you are a blogger and been blogging for 3 months or more well then, register at LL and submit your blog.  It may take a while before they approve your blog but just wait and you will get lucky.  Sign up now!

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  1. jona says:

    i thought they’re a hoax. i got offers from them and i did it and wasn’t paid so the second one i didn’t accept it coz i thought they don’t pay…as i heard from other bloggers online. anyway, not sure if they will still give me a task ehe :D

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