Funny and Tiring Outing#1

Last Thursday, I finally got the chance of taking out my two rug rats. They were both excited especially the buckaroo. We went to the park and it was a long walk for me dragging a big wagon walking up and down hills walk. It took an hour for us to get to the park and as soon as we got there the buckaroo can’t wait to get out from the wagon. Then, the lamb chop was itching to pull her out as well. I let Jake walk when we were in the park going to the playground. He saw puddles and start jumping and playing in the water. I had to pull him out from it and dragged him away so he won’t get in the way to those people running or walking or exercising. Then, when we were at the playground Jake and Justine started running around in separate direction. And then Jake found stink bug and start messing up with it while Justine was also busy climbing and sliding. I was sweating even if it wasn’t that hot. Then, after I gave them snacks Jake ran down hill by the park going to the high way. I had to chase him so quick before he reach the main road. I put Justine down and ran as fast as I could to chase Jake. Now, Justine also ran down hill following us. When I caught him both Jake squirmed to get out in my arms. I put him down and told him to stay with me or else we will be going home early. As soon as I put him down and had Justine in my other hand Jake was trying to run again and he stepped a dog poop. Oh, brother! I carried Justine up and hold Jake going back uphill.

After they had enough we started heading home but Jake didn’t want to sit in the wagon yet. So, he walked and made lots of stops in the puddle. It rained the day before so that water was from the rain. Jake was having a blast jumping from puddles to puddles that made the water looks so yucky and the people in the park laughing were at him in a funny cute way. The little lamb chop was so jealous at him but I didn’t let her out. We were almost on the high way heading home when I noticed that the sippy cup was missing. The lamb chop dropped the sippy cup and it was a sippy cup that I couldn’t afford to lose. We went back to look for the sippy cup. To end this long story, yes we got the sippy cup again and we walked an hour going back. The lamb chop fell asleep and my body was burning in pain. That was a tiring and yet fun outing for us. More funny and tiring outing happened today. To be continued

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  1. UMMA says:

    hahahaha…. OMG.. what a tiring day Tsang.. I could just imagine you chasing around with 2 kids. Super layo diay ang park sa inyo? But that was a good exercise.

    BTW, u said that you sent me an email, did u send it hugme_71@yahoo [dot] com? If so, I didnt recv any email from you Tsang.. Please can you resend it? Thanks.

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