2010 Blogging: How was it?

How was your blogging in 2010 peeps? Blogging has been part of my life since i started in December 2008. As a stay at home mom, blogging have opened another door of opportunity to earn money while staying at home through paid reviews. Not only i earned ca$h through it, i also found great and wonderful people online whom i became good friends.

My 2010 blogging experience was equally great as 2009 although back in 2009 i didn’t get to enjoy my earnings that much. So, New year of 2010 *I got my paypal back and I opened a new paypal account as well. * I opened a bank account and started my savings. Well, part of being married is, everything has to be shared. My bank account became a joint account, bummer. *I able to shop online for things I like and enjoyed the moolah I earned from blogging. * I bought 9 domain names and created another six blogs including my sister’s Sissy’s Pastime blog. Four of these blogs are in wordpress platform * I also transferred my domain from 1&1 to godaddy and imported one of my blog to Worpress self hosted blog. won a Coach bag from joining blog contest and giveaways. and also started writing product reviews from different direct advertisers. Thus, 2010 so far is pretty good.

I make moolah too in the following paid to blog site this year 2010. I am not sure if i still gonna make some this 2011.
It was 2010 when started getting a grabbed tasks from Blogging ads. They only give 3 tasks for each blog. I have two blog in their network so i get 6 task a month from them if I get lucky there’s a grabbed task available. I checked my dashboard after midnight as that’s the time i usually see a grabbed task. They only accepts domain name blog with page rank of two.
My earnings in Sponsored reviews last year increased 100%.  Imagine that from $3.25 went up to $125.00.  I don’t get much offer from Sponsored Reviews, but I hope this year this will change.
I just started getting paid opportunity in LoudLaunch last July of 2010. I have been a member of their network since 2009 but unfortunately never get lucky to get a single opps from them. So, when they gave out tons of opps, I able to grabbed a few. Until now they still have pending dues from the reviews i made last July to September. They owed big amount of money to some of their bloggers and until now haven’t got paid yet. I’m still happy i got opps from them, so even if they paid late at least i know that they will pay somehow.

Social Spark had retired already and from may of 2009 to 2010 I earned good amount of money from writing sponsored reviews. Social Spark was main main source of blogging income and now they closed it, i still get opportunity from their new social spark v2. I think it’s more than 1k was my total earning$ for 2010 at social sparkv1.

I received few offers from direct advertising like CSNStores for giveaways, text links and product reviews. I also get bulk of opportunity from Pehpot of Make or Break given from her advertiser. Thanks to Pehpot for including my blogs in her lists. I get few like one or two every now and then from Review Me as well. Im just so thankful for all these opportunity online that gives me the chance to earn while staying home and watching my children. How about you guys, How was your blogging went last year 2010?

5 responses to “2010 Blogging: How was it?”

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  2. dhemz says:

    ayay! sos pagka bongga kau ang imong biz tsang….how much more kung walay ka tunga…ehehehe…unsaon man nga minyo naman to…parehas ra ta naa katunga…ehehehe! ok lang nuon, kay at least nakatabang ta sa mga bills gamay.

    congrats bayot…more opps to come!

  3. Umma says:

    Halu tsang… kadaghan man sad ug raket nimo hahaha… wa baya nako na try ang blogging ads.. grabe, daghan moolah from blogging.

    No wonder… shopping galore jud ..hehehe.. hala tsang.. double time para pang shopping…

  4. Willa says:

    Swerte mo naman sa blogging add mars, hindi man lang ako nakakuha diyan ng opps kahit kailan.

  5. Mel Cole says:

    4000 $ kapin imo nakuha sa sponsored reviews? wow, dakoa sa? hehehe. pero magdepende lagi pud na sa pr nimo. Ako una, ganahan ko sa blogsvertise, karon nga la pa koy pr, la nako ops nila. gimingaw ko sa mga GP nila oi nga tag 10 $ each. sus, si sheriff ra gyud sige panagad nako.

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