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Everybody who is part of the PayU2B network loves PayU2Blog. Who doesn’t? Very fair and generous in giving assignments and they’re very on time or sometimes early in paying their bloggers. PayU2Blog.com is my favorite paid to blog site and best ever. I became a PayU2B bloggers last December and received my first taste of assignment before the year 2009 ended. So, last December was my one year in the system. This year also, the most earnings i got from writing paid reviews was from PayU2Blog.com. Thanks to $heriff and the whole payU2blog team for the assignment they gave to me last year 2010. But of course i would like to take the opportunity to thank Margie C for accepting my blog in the PayU2Blog network. After almost a year of submitting my blog last year, they finally accepted it. That was the best birthday and Christmas presents ever.

PayU2Blog.com is unique because they not only offer a variety of interesting assignments, but you’re paid well and on time for doing assignments.

If you have a self hosted blog that is more than three months old then submit it to PayU2Blog.com. You just have to be patience as there are too many blogs submitted to their network. But once your blog got accepted you certainly will enjoy making money while blogging.

5 responses to “I ♥♥♥ PayU2Blog”

  1. Umma says:

    Hello Tsang…. thanks for the visit.. si banana masakit ra guihapon oi.. pero nag go to work na sia kay di man mabayaan ang office hahaha.

    Mayo ning igo nimo sa Payu2 tsang no? hahaha.. keep it up…ako-a kay usa ra man ang akong blog sa ilaha.

  2. Mel Cole says:

    Hi tsang, happy new year! salamat au sa mga dalaw sa akong blogs ha. tuod la pa gyud koi suwat2x, kani laging preggy oi. feel nako, lalaki napud ni kay prihas symptoms nga nagmahapdos ko ni George. Ayo pa ka tsang, daghan ma-share ug moolah sa imong mga blogs. Usa rapud ang nadawat nila nga blog nako. Naay ginagmay, pero ayo na lang ni kesa wala.

  3. Willa says:

    Most bloggers talaga love si Sheriff, very thankful ako that I became part of the team, hopefully ng tiger Team, :lol:

  4. kaye says:

    hi, wow your lucky naman member kana sa payu2blog. how I wish sana this year ma approve na. :-)

  5. jona says:

    sana ako rin maapprove si Heartifying! blog ko sa payU2. m now transferring it to a paid hosting. kaya rin not viewable as of the moment.

    m following this blog too. thanks for the follow :D

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