When SAHMone Speaks Meme #1

When SAHMone Speaks

Looking back the days when you were still single, how would you differentiate your life now? How do you keep up with your busy schedule every day?

==>>I was happy go lucky kind of gal when I was single. My friends back then get surprised if they find me staying at home all day. I also don’t come home most of the time, so every time I go some place I carry extra clothes and tooth crush with me. Back then was so much easier to handle any busy schedule because I had no kids to worry and I only have to think of myself. I don’t worry too much with how my days went back then. If I get tired and lazy to go to work, I just called my friend or people in the school that I was not feeling well. Sometimes, if I get bored, I just reward myself by doing some shopping. If I don’t have money for shopping I just take a loans just for my capricious impulsive needs.

All those happy go lucky, over spending kindda life back then had changed when I decide to quit my job. My life had changed totally to the extreme. I don’t have job, I don’t have money, I don’t have friends, I can’t go to the mall anymore and I have to get my lazy butt up early because my baby is hungry. My life in the US is way different from my life back home. In order for me to have my own money and not to ask from the husband I had to manage my time with my family, baby and online stuff. It’s really hard to keep up with every thing. If I am really tired i just withdraw myself from doing things and just sit in the couch watch TV with the messy house. I can’t call my SAHM company to take a day or two off. Being a SAHM is a tiring job and yet a very rewarding job that no amount of money can compensate.

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  1. Our family especially our kids gave us direction in life.

    Thanks na may blogger friends di ba sis..who share the same interests and vocabulary words with you.

    Mine is entirely different kasi Ive got a very strict mom and we are financially constraint when I was still single..Thanks God, Ive got a very supporting and not so strict hubby who understands what I missed out before. But ofcourse, I know my limits.


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  2. Umma says:

    Hello tsang.. rampa sad diri ang beauty ni lola.. busy jud .

    Anyway, glad to know that you’ve changed.. I mean for the better.. no more impulsive spending habits.. but for sure, occasionally, the itchiness still persist and curbing it is a challenge. hahaha.

  3. AC says:

    aww… ang laking pagbabago ng iyong life then and now marz… i’m sure sometimes you miss the old you, pero remember that you changed for the better marz… siguro give yourself a break from time to time like ipamper mo din yung sarili mo when the kids are asleep…

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