Building the Robot

I had fun building the Robot today with Jake. It’s not a big Robot though, it was like a Lego robot with tiny parts. I wonder what are the parts in building a big and real robot? Do they use thrust bearings to that? I know thrust bearing is just one small thing in a machine but it means a lot and very vital to smooth out the operation of machinery. To those who are in the market of industry and machinery, and is looking for store to buy this kind of materials then you should go to Anyway, while we were building our Robot i was having hard time following the manual because of the small parts and long instructions that I need to follow. My almost 4 year old son also had great time tinkering those tiny parts and helping me in finding it. While building it he had so many gibberish and silly question about Robot. He incorporate it with Thomas the little engine. Soon, when this kid get older, I’m sure he will have so many questions about machine, tools and stuffs.

4 responses to “Building the Robot”

  1. Calleigh says:

    Wa jud ko ka try building Lego sa akong Koala baya tsang kay si father man ang magplay sa iyaha…hahaha… spectator ra tawon ko..

    Pero good to know for you kay its good man sa mga bata, at least you spent quality time di ba?

  2. Calleigh says:

    weeeh… first commenter diay me…

  3. wow! mars, new look na pala itong blog mo,it’s very obvious,it’s been a while since i last blog hop here. :)

  4. Pinx says:

    my little boy mami shy, he’s very impatient when it comes to building and assembling… liwat sa iyang dad.. hahahaha! i just bought him a mega blox na toy, masuko jud sya og dili mamao iyang maassemble… hahaha. laag laag lang.

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