Never Been Better

A surgery is a serious operation but it will help your health and body feel better once it is successfully done. Having a professional surgeon is an advantage and makes the patient feel safe and confident that the surgery will be a successful one. It was 2010 when my husband found out that he had a hernia. He always complained about it and his doctor advised him to under gone a bulging disc surgery. The thought of surgery sounds scary but he thought of his children and family. It was still a minor case of hernia but it needs to be taken care of before it will get worst. The surgery done so quickly. He went back to work a week after the surgery but he was taking it slowly. The recovery wasn’t so bad at all. Eating healthy food like vegetable and fruit that is rich in fiber helps during the defecation and you won’t feel so uneasy. It’s been two years now from that day he had his surgery and my husband’s health is never been better.

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