Revved up for the new season of Sons of Anarchy

Guest post written by Daniel Stevenson

Biker gangs are something that I’ve always kind of wondered about. I guess that it was reading Hunter S. Thompson’s book Hells Angels that really got that fascination going. It’s one of Thompson’s best books in my opinion and the subject matter just seems to fit in so well with his style of writing.

So I started watching the Sons of Anarchy show a few years ago. I though that it would only be right for me to like that show since I loved the Hells Angels book so much. Before the new season started, I spent a lot of time online with my wireless internet Raleigh figuring out what kind of things I could expect for this season of the show.

Of course, the show is filled with a whole lot of drama. Somehow I don’t mind a show filled with tons of drama when it has nothing to do with Real Housewives or any other horrible reality shows that my ex loved to make me watch. This and shows like Breaking Bad are the types of drama I prefer.

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  1. Calleigh says:

    Ka suerte ni lola, naka grab ug copy paste…hahaha.. Among payag mingaw na… gi tapul na si lola update.

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