Rejection and Request

In other situations if you get rejected many times, am sure you won’t follow to their request or perhaps will make a fuzz out of it. This is so far the 5th rejection notice I got but I still keep on submitting my blog as i know it was just an automated message they sent out.

It sounds funny to me how they ask for Blog Change Request when they never really checked the blog entry. The automated machine would start the statement by saying Thank you for your interest in blah blah! We are very excited about the all new community and look forward to welcoming newcomers and all our returning users as well! Well now, it sounded to pleasant but then they will say; Rejection Reasons

There appears to be more sponsored than non-sponsored content on your blog. To be approved, a blog should be at least 60% non-sponsored.

The blog I submitted has 60% or 75% non sponsored post because it was a new blog. Since its automated message i keep getting this message anyway without them checking the site. I did not make a fuss out of it yet i keep submitting it until they get tired. I just thought of blogging this out as i don’t have any topic that i can think of to blogged about LOL.

Anyway, if you submitted your blog and then you get this sort of message you can submit a ticket or email the paid to blog site you are applying letting them know that you blog don’t have much sponsored post. I did this already in my other blog and they approved it right away but this blog really has some improvement to do. It’s just so silly to ask for a request after the rejection.

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  1. Calleigh says:

    Asa man nimo gi submit tsang?

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