Believe In Fairy

Fairies are invisible and inaudible like angels. But their magic sparkles in nature. ~Lynn Holland

Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in fairies? Well, if I tell you about the Fairy Hobmother albeit you wouldn’t think twice believing. Those who believe in the Fairy Hobmother will be rewarded. Look around the blogosphere, you probably be amazed how popular the fairy hobmother and what he does to make bloggers like me happy. I am one of the many bloggers who wished to meet him/her. I am truly blessed to have caught some of the pixie dust he sprinkled across the blogland. The reality is sometimes cruel and not fair. Having a little fairy tale in your life would give you hope that magic and fairies do exist. Our daily existing is considered magic. We wake up in the morning and able to enjoy what the world has to offer. Life is precious and wonderful. And the gift that the fairy hobmother giving away to lucky bloggers make life even more beautiful and magical. If one day my greatest wish or wishes come true, I would be the happiest person on earth.

28 responses to “Believe In Fairy”

  1. Janet Speaks says:

    Cool! I hope to get a visit from the Fairy Hobmother, too!

  2. SassyChick says:

    I hope Fairy Hobmother will help you make your American Fridge dream come true…And I hope he visits my cooking and food blog too…:-)

  3. jheylo says:

    wow another blog shey? pila ka blog nimo na blessed niya shey? murag daghan gyud ka dadats ay :D

  4. Pretty Kat says:

    I believed, and he grant my wish as well. :) Hope to see him again in the next few months.

  5. Zoan says:

    I do believe in fairies and fairy dusts and everything nice;) i hope he could give me a second round hehe

  6. Congratulations mommy! That is wonderful. I hope me too. :)

  7. Lucky you mommy Shy that the Fairy has already visited you, one of my wish list this Christmas is the visit of the fairy, I hope it will be come soon :)..

  8. Jadey Sam says:

    Oh wow!! I hope the fairy visits me too!!

  9. Congrats again Momi Sheila for Fairyhobmother granting your wish :-) How I wish that he will grant my wish too :-)

  10. Oh, I hope he pays attention to my blog, too! :)


  11. Chie says:

    i hope to be visited by this fairy this Christmas

  12. Aggie says:


  13. Aggie says:

    Congratulations! I hope he visits me too!

  14. jheylo says:

    well literally? i don’t believe in magic because there’s no such thing as magic. but i do believe in kindess and generosity :D and that God that Fairy Hobmother has those quality. he blessed many bloggers already. I can’t wait for my turn. congratulation shey.

  15. Mei says:

    Wow he also visited you! Congrats :)) He’s really kind!

  16. Herbert says:

    Nah!! I just hope they are all true. back when I was a kid I do believe on this stuff but as I grow older, it slowly dripping off

  17. Joy H says:

    WE need a new fridge too, i am with you, a lot of times, i have lots of wishes too but sometimes it is just getting tiring to wait.

  18. Congrats for having fairy hobmother for coming by…Got him already hehehe.

  19. I always heard the Fairy hobmother,I hope he would visit me soon.

  20. dorry lyn says:

    for the second time this day that I read a hobmother visit..

  21. woohoo! you are indeed one lucky Momi for granting all the wishes from the Fairyhobmother :-) Congrats Momi Sheila :-)

  22. Bless says:

    I always believe in magic and surely goodies comes to those who wait :-)

    Congrats for his visit in your blog! He is really awesome!

  23. Nancy says:

    I do believe on the Fairy HobMother!! And I do believe one day he’ll make his way towards my blogs too… yay…positive vibes, hehe..

  24. Gene says:

    So lucky! Congratulations! Fairy Hobmother, visit me too, pretty please!

  25. haze says:

    I do believe in magic and fairies very much. That is why until I’m waiting when he/she would finally land in my blogs. Motherhood blog more to the point so I could showcase my kids that fairies are real.

    Oh well, the luck is yours for now but maybe it will be next? Who knows?

  26. Raya says:

    Oh, I am so jealous!! Hehe.. He has not passed by my sites yet Shy but I am hoping he would!! Pang birthday na lang unta.. bisan late! hehehe! Congrats, Shy!

  27. Bjorn says:

    I hope the Fairy Hobmother will visit my site too. I did follow him on Twitter.

  28. Sumi Go says:

    Congrats! :) I’ve been seeing Fairy Hobmother a lot recently.. Hope he visits my blog too :)

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