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When I first I got here in the US, my husband forbid me to go online and signed up with the different social media or networking. Back then it was just the friendster that I’ve known as tools to connect with friends and family. Then, I got bored with my situation plus we don’t have internet connection for few months back then. My husband saw my situation that I really need to talk to my family and the only way to have that luxury without spending too much money is to have an internet connection and connect with yahoo messenger.

Meanwhile, a friend from Delaware called me and told me about blogging. We already had internet connection then and when she mention about earning money online I got curious. I convinced my husband to try this thing called blogging. He was skeptical with it and at the same time scared of the idea about putting our personal information online. He is a bit paranoid with the online hacking, virus and stuffs. But I insisted and couple of month after I started with my first blog I got an offer. It was just a small amount but it was enough proof that you can earn moolah online.

Days, months and years passed by, I opened different online accounts on different social media such as twitter, facebook, photobucket, and different domain registrar. There are also other sign up option as per requirements for some post that I blogged about. I looked back and thought about it. What happened to never share your information online? All these online social networks that you see in this post (image above) are just a few of the many online networking that I signed up.

The reason I registered or opened and account on the following social networking was for blogging purposes. I need a website that will host all the pictures and images so I signed up in Photobucket, photoshop,Picasa and muzy. I joined different online giveaways and contest and so i have to share it to my social network such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, technorati, stumble upon, google plus and more. I lost track how many social networking I signed up just to get visitors to my website, promote my blogs and thousand more reasons. Are all these social networking site, paid to blog site, directories and blog advertising safe or not?

How about you, what are the social networking you are connected with?

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  1. Dhemz says:

    forbidden jud ba…ehehehe…sos, parehas ta bayot, si friendster ra jud po to ako…aw naa diay pod to si myspace…sos, karon grabi na ka bibo ang NW sites.

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