Candy Brings in Sweet Bags of Money

Almost everyone has a favorite kind of candy that one sweet treat that soothes the soul and brings a smile to the lips. Whether buying it for a gift or devouring it oneself candy is a leading seller worldwide. It accounts for billions of dollars in sales each year. Around the world people include candy in key holidays and celebrations that keep confectioners smiling.

Globally people cannot seem to get enough of the sweet stuff. Everything from basic candy bars to high end decadent treats come together to make a strong presence on the global market. According to the New York Times Americans spent approximately $500 million dollars on sweet bags of goodness in 2011. Globally consumers spent billions of dollars on tempting sweet treats annually. The candy industry remains strong in the face of an otherwise bleak economy.

Some of the strong players in the market are U.S. based companies. When they purchased Cadbury in 2010 Kraft became the largest confectionery company in the world. Kraft has 40 different candy brands that bring in over $100 billion in sales each year. Mars is a strong second selling well over $16 billion dollars worth or candy each year.

Smaller companies are not to be outdone. Designer chocolates and other treats mean big money. Andres and Adrian Hancock sold Hancocks confectionery this year for over 50 million pounds. The company was started by the twin’s parents in 1962 as a single shop. It grew threw the years to be a leading supplier throughout Europe.

Specialty candy shops are especially successful in or near tourist areas. As vacationers shop they often like to indulge in specialty chocolates and other sugary confections. Trending reports estimate that up to 90% of females and 85% of males love candy. That love turns into to cold hard cash for the confectionery businesses.

Although not recession proof the candy business is certainly recession resistant. Recent health conscious research has not hurt the business either. Discoveries such as dark chocolate lowering blood pressure and cholesterol have only aided the candy business. Entrepreneurs looking for a sweet deal would do well to check out the candy industry. You might also want to check out epolybags if you want to buy Polybags, Cellophane & Polythene bags

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