Sensitive Anti Virus

I can’t say I like our anti-virus software because last time my computer crashed and died because of the virus that my anti-virus did not able to control. I also heard that I wasn’t the only one got affected with that said stupid virus because all the computers that are using the same anti-virus like us got affected and apparently broke their computer too. Anyway, even if I keep babbling nonsense about this anti-virus my husband still using it. What a waste if we just replaced it with other anti virus when there still more than a year before it will expired.

Meanwhile, this annoying warning keeping me away from visiting other blogs like this one in the example. I am using a friend’s blog that has a warning from my anti-virus software. Only selected blog get this warning though. So, if I click or go to the site that has yellow warning which means risky site to visit, it redirects me to the pop message (see images below). It won’t allow me to stay in the site for a minute.

My apology to those blogs that has warning because I won’t be able to stay in your site for long period of time. I clicked your site but I can only stay there for a second or two. As soon as the browser done loading it redirect right away to the warning page from McAfee site. Very sensitive anti-virus and yet annoying at time. Lots of people like computer tech said this brand of anti-virus software is really good.

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