Facebook Page and Ads Offer

The most popular social media in virtual world and advertising today is the Facebook. A lot of advertisers have facebook page to promote their product. They asks for facebook page when they advertise their product and the bigger the number of your FB fan the better. If you get big number of facebook fanpage, you also receive possible add offers from advert and direct advertisers. Meanwhile, I became a little active in blogging again last year and was working on building my facebook likes and fan. I participated in different giveaways and paid for hosting to get more likes/fan. After a couple of months, three of my Facebook pages gain more likes and that was a milestones. I also received more product reviews offer from Tomoson because of my Facebook fan page and alexa rank. Lately, I got lazy blogging and doing reviews and this affects my blogs Alexa rank. I stopped doing giveaways and reviews. My alexa rank went high and my Facebook fan page did not improved. below is the current updates of my Facebook Page.

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