Temporarily Active

It’s no secret that a lot of stay-at-home mom/dad, freelancer writer and students are making money online through their blog. Blogging is an online journal but for webmaster who knows a lot about marketing, seo and stuffs, it is more than just a journal. There are more to it in blogging than just writing and babbling about the everyday life. But since the number of bloggers are getting higher, the opportunity is getting smaller and cheaper. Some bloggers including myself that have been blogging for more than 3 years have already tired maintaining an up to date blog. Consequently, if you do not update your blog and promote it, the lesser opportunity you will get. I have been on and off in blogging and all of the blogs I have manage have lost its page rank, the alexa rank went high, and the opportunity is getting lesser. Part of my head says stop blogging but the other half doesn’t agreed. How I’m gonna give away my dozens of blog domain? I have worked in the past years to build up my blog and giving them away is a waste. So, once again I am back and trying to keep up with the online stuffs. This is just temporary because i am not so sure when I’m gonna MIA again. 5 Things I need to do as a blogger to get back on track and my blogging mojo.

* Bloghopping. Visiting other blogs will inspire you to update your blog. Join different blog hopping meme and comment exchange to drive traffic to your website and at the same time lower the number of your alexa rank.

* Link Building or Exchange link. Comment while blog hopping so your website link will spread out all over the blogland thus get backlinks. You can also update your link list and delete the old website that is not active anymore.

* Update your blog. Updating the blog and writing unique article would help drive traffic and readers. There are a lot of freelance writer that wish to publish their work on other blog as a way of getting backlinks.

* Product Reviews. Doing product reviews is the new thing in blogging. Try pitching different advertiser for a product sample in exchange of product review. This advert will also help promote your website by sharing it to their social network.

* Take every opportunity. This is a reminder to myself. I’ve been rejecting a lot of moolah opps and some of them just got expired. I have to write whatever offer and opps on or before the due date so the money won’t be wasted.

There are more note to thyself that I need to consider and put into action. But for now this is all I can think to start getting back and active in blogging again. Aja! aja! Good luck!

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