Credit Repair Services from Lexington Law

Lexington Law is a full-service credit repair operation. They have been doing business for over 20 years and have helped over half a million people. My personal experience with them has been outstanding so far. I was drowning in poor credit card debt and the associated scores for years, due to abusing them as a youth and suffering the repercussions as an adult. As it turns out, with a little investigation and some elbow-grease with lawyers who know what they’re doing and how to talk to the people who can influence your score, some of those negative scores were unfairly added to my report. It’s been a few years since I had them do work for me but I’ve seen my score raise considerably since then. Of course, many things could not be removed as they had a reason and right for being there, but at least now I know that what is there is legit. It taught me a valuable lesson in both being responsible with credit and the amount of trust I should be giving to people with my financial information. I also now know what things to fight and a little bit more about how to fight them. If you need help, invest with these people. It may not wash away all your financial problems but it certainly is a worthwhile investment and a great place to start in repairing poor credit.

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