Back to Bloghopping

I have seen this situation before when I was MIA online. Then, I had no choice but to start all over again and did the bloghopping to lower some of my blogs ranking. Now I am here again starting over again after being gone for almost a month. My Alexa rank before I left for our Philippine vacation was below 100,000 but now it climbed up back to over 200,000. Good thing though it did not go up so quick and higher than 5thou. this past couple of days i’ve been good in doing the usual blog routine. I’ll also try to get back in sharing one photo a day but one thing i cannot go back now was the project 356 where i share our weekly happenings. I’m still feeling our post vacation and working on pictures to share. I haven’t back yet with the product review hence working on it. Blogging and online task is getting weak, dull and boring lately. I just hope this blog bug will go away and everything will go back to the way it used to be.

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