Moving and Accepting Domain

There are a lot of domain registrar online to where we can buy our domain and start a website. The top domain registrar is Godaddy, Google/blogger, Name Cheap, 1&1, Answerable. Bluehost and more. I have quiet a few domains that are registered to a different registrar but most of it are in Godaddy. I also transferred a few from 1&1 to Godaddy and namecheap and gave some of it to a friend and to my sister. Move a domain name from one account to another, it’s called an Account Change. Anyhow, if you need help in moving your domain to a different account and needs assistant in accepting domain here’s how.

To Move a Domain Name Out of Your Account

1. Go to you Godaddy account and log in to your Account Manager.
2. Click launch Domain and tick on the domain you want to move
3. Under More, click Begin Account Change.
4. Enter the Email address of the new owner and customer number.
5. Tick/check ‘Use details from specified customer account’
and ‘Keep the current nameservers for these domains’

After completing the following steps, the new owner of the domain will receive an email with instructions to confirm the move. The recipient must confirm the domain name move within 10 days. After that time, the transaction times out and you must reinitiate it.

Accepting a Domain Name into Your Account.

1. Log in to your Account Manager. Or Create an Account if you do not have one yet.
2. From Products, hover over Domains and then select Manage Now. or
If you already own domains and see the Domains bar, click Launch.
3. From the Domains menu, click Pending Account Changes, and then click Incoming Account Changes.
4. Complete one of the following:
A. If the domain name displays in the list — Select the domain name, and then click Accept.
B. If the domain name does not display in the list — Click Accept Emailed Changes, enter the following, click Next, and then proceed through checkout of the free transaction:
C. Transaction ID — The identification code from the email we sent you.
D. Security Code — The security code from the email we sent you.

It may take a few minutes for your domain name to appear in your account. To view the domain, hover over the Domains tab and click All Domains.

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