Five Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

When it starts to get warmer out, you know that summer is approaching. This means more time spent outside, relaxing and enjoying yourself in the summer sun. Don’t wait until summer is upon you to get your home and yard in shape. You don’t want to be stuck doing repairs in the full heat of the summer sun. And, in some cases, if you wait until summer to get a professional repair done, you could end up waiting a long time. Here are five tips to get your home and yard ready for summer before it begins.

Check Your Air Conditioner

You don’t want to wait until your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of a heat wave before you find out if your air conditioner is still working. Check it while the temperatures are still low and make sure it is working well. If you do need a repair, get it before all of your local air conditioner repair technicians are booked up with appointments.

Take Care of Your Trees, Lawn, and Perennials

Spring is the best time to fertilize your perennials, including your lawn. If you have any damaged tree or branch limbs from the winter, take care of them before the summer hits. Try to reduce the amount of water and fertilizer you need in your garden by choosing native plants that fit your natural landscape.

Examine and Repair Your Roof

One of the most important parts of your home is your roof, and you should regularly check it for damage and wear. Make sure that you choose reputable roofing contractors like those provided by Renovation Experts for all of your repairs. Get this work done before the summer starts, when storms may be more frequent.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Since you will be spending more time outside in the summer, make sure that your outdoor patio furniture is clean and in shape. If not properly maintained, your furniture can grow mildew or fray. Taking care of it before the summer begins will extend the life of the furniture and keep it looking great.

Add Flowers and Vegetables

Summer is the perfect time to start a vegetable garden. Try tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, pumpkins, or basil. For flowers, adding marigolds, sunflowers, zinnias gives your yard beautiful color. Your summer garden can reward you for months to come.

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