Achieve Better Rest with These Natural Sleep Enhancing Tips

Proper sleep helps boost overall health and maximize productivity. Unfortunately, many people don’t get a good night’s rest due to everyday stress, anxiety or distractions like iPhones and tablets. When insomnia strikes, your first response may be to reach for prescription or over-the-counter remedies that induce sleep. Regardless of how well they work, these medicines often have harmful side effects that become more serious when used on a regular basis. Instead of popping pills every night, these six tips are a safer alternative to help you achieve a more peaceful, undisturbed sleep.

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

Noise machines are a soothing way to eliminate insomnia. While the name may be a little confusing, these devices emit calming sounds that help you relax and drown out any outside disturbances. A noise machine can mimic a number of tranquil sounds such as raindrops or ocean waves.

If you wake up repeatedly during the night, it may be time to adjust the heat or air conditioner. Most people have a preferred temperature level for their bedroom. This number often varies from your daytime thermostat setting. A ceiling fan or space heater also works well for cooling or heating a single room.

Good sleep is hard to achieve on a worn, saggy mattress. When it’s time to replace, opt for chemical free mattresses like those offered by Healthy Rest Mattress. You should also use an eco-friendly pillow with memory foam for comfort and proper support.

Sleep masks are ideal for those who work unusual hours. These comfortable, lightweight masks adjust to the shape of your face and effectively block out sunlight. By creating an illusion of darkness, these masks cause the body to produce more melatonin which helps lull you to sleep. Installing blackout shades on bedroom windows is an easy way to permanently eliminate excess light.

Soothing Natural Sleep Aids

Drinking a warm cup of herbal tea before bedtime can have a positive impact on sleep. While you shouldn’t consume tea with caffeine or sugar, chamomile or valerian tea produces a mild calming effect. In addition to inducing sleep, these herbal teas have many health benefits too.

Improve your sleep naturally with the power of aromatherapy. There are a number of pleasantly fragrant essential oils known to promote sleep including lavender, clary sage and sweet marjoram oil. These oils can be applied directly to the skin, placed in a sachet or dabbed on your pillow case.

Although insomnia is a common problem today, you don’t have to take prescription drugs for relief. Making a few simple changes to your bedroom space or trying a natural sleep aid is often enough to ease chronic sleep problems.

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