Excited for the Concert

A friend of mine is always updated with lots of fun events going on such as concerts, play, games and more. Recently, she mentioned about Red Chili Peppers concert, and asked if I want to go. I had no idea that was a band and I actually familiar with some of their songs and music. I thought it was some sort of spicy sauce. I have never been to any concert here in the US and back in the Philippines, I only been to a couple of local band concert. I am kind of excited this time because this band were kind of awesome back then. It’s gonna be rad and awesome watching a live concert. The sounds, lights and the music itself. Well, if you do event like this and needs equipment then stage light at guitarcenter.com would be a helpful place to buy equipments for lighting and stage effects. Even complete set of musical instrument, accessories and musical parts are available at their store, so, check it out!

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