How to Grow Your Women’s Ministry

A woman’s ministry is an integral part of the church to encourage and strengthen members of the congregation. Women are often able to form new friendships and connect with one another in the setting. If you want to grow your women’s ministry and find new people to join, there are a few tips to follow that will prove to be effective.

Create Small Groups

Small groups allow women to receive more attention in a setting that is intimate with a handful of women present. Find female leaders in the church who are qualified and equipped to lead a small group in the comfort of their home or at a local coffee shop. Small groups can be facilitated throughout the city to ensure that church members can attend a nearby meeting in the area.

Host Events

Events that are hosted by the church help women to grow and feel empowered while spending time with their friends. Host events throughout the year and invite female Christian speakers that can give different types of messages. Consider covering common topics that include identity, body image, raising kids, and serving in the church. The events can include a lunch or dinner that is served and will allow women to feel supported.

Advertise in the Community

When you want to grow your women’s ministry, it’s important to advertise in the local area to reach women who may be looking for a new church. Print out flyers and post them on bulletin boards at community centers or at nearby cafes. You can also advertise on the radio or with a small commercial that is broadcasted on the television to reach more people.

Plan Trips

Planning outings, adventures, and trips for the women’s ministry will prove to be effective and can get women excited to be more involved in the ministry. Consider taking a women’s trip to a local beach or campgrounds once a year. Annual trips are a great way for the women to have a bit of fun and take a break from their responsibilities of caring for the home. Choose trips that are affordable to attend at destinations that can be visited by traveling in a car.

Hosting events throughout the year and staying proactive with your women’s ministry will make other people in the community want to join. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re disciplining Christian women and reaching more people in the local area.

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