Never Gets Old

Music is a universal language. In music it’s not only the lyrics or songs that people understand but everything about it from melody, accompaniment, the artist, composition, meanings behind every words or notes, genre and etc. Everyone has its own genre of music that they enjoy and love to listen to. People of all ages, and generations their own music artist and band group that they grew up listening to and became an inspiration perhaps. Anyhow, I went to this American funk rock band concert just recently and i can’t help wondering the type or brand of instrument they were using. As I was admiring each one of the artists that play the guitar, drums, bass and even the vocalist, I can’t help wondering if they were playing with ibanez bass guitar. Not most old band groups lasted that long and yet they still have that same popularity effect to their fans old and new. My friend is a huge fan of that particular band and we were both still in high school when that band started and sure thing it never gets old.

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