Our Deepening Attachment to Pets

Pets play an important role in our lives. In recent years, pet ownership and the sale of pet-related products has increased. You can now purchase customized pet surprise boxes filled with treats and toys and easily find specialty foods and products for them. Pampering pets has become a popular trend and a way of life for many pet owners.

Pet-Friendly Homes

If you’re planning to share your life and home with a dog, you might as well take steps to make your home as pet-friendly as possible. This can make life easier for you and safer for your dog. A hard-surface flooring at the entrance your dog uses is the best way to keep your carpet or other flooring clean. Absorbent, easy to clean rugs at the doorway are also helpful. Clutter is never trendy so you’ll want to include some type of pet supply storage in your home. A storage bench at the entryway or in the laundry room is a good place to store leashes, grooming supplies and other items. You’ll also need to store cleaning products and medications where pets can’t get into them.

Pet Décor

Pets have to eat so you might as well create an attractive feeding area for them. A feeding mat can help protect your floor. Colorful, decorative, hand painted dog bowls and cat bowls are an excellent way to increase the attractiveness of your pet’s feeding area. A hand painted treat jar is a nice decorative feature to include in your home décor. Many decorators encourage people to choose a piece of eye-catching wall art as a statement piece or focal point in the room. A colorful breed specific painting or a painting to honor your mixed breed would be incredibly appropriate in a home where pets are part of the family. Just as pets can reduce the stress level of their human companions, whimsical wall art featuring pets can instantly generate a smile, even on a bad day. Add some words of wisdom, fact of life statements or humorous comments to whimsical pet art and you have a timeless, decorative treasure displayed in your home.

You can pamper your pet with toys, fancy treats and luxurious bedding, but what they love and seek the most are your love and attention. They will return that love in ways that you might never have imagined.

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