Storage Units For College Students

When you’re in college and live in a dorm instead of at home or in an apartment, you might discover that you have an abundance of belongings that need to be stored somewhere. You can rent a storage space in Boston that is large enough for the items that you have so that you don’t have to keep them at home. When you need something from the space, you can get it and exchange it for something that you have in your dorm.

The first thing that you need to do is find a facility that is affordable and that offers the security that you need. Most facilities will allow you to keep a lock on the outside of your unit along with the locking device that they offer. Try to find a facility that offers discounts for students. You can usually find facilities near college campuses that offer deals during the school year and many that offer discounted rates for the summer when you’re not in the dorm and need somewhere to keep your belongings instead of taking everything back home.

When you visit the facility, look inside the units that are available to determine which one works best for the items that you have. A 5×5 unit is usually large enough for most college students, so this is a size that you might want to look into. You can usually keep everything from chairs to cabinets and several boxes inside a unit that is this size. An idea to consider is renting a unit with a few other people and share the price. Color-code the boxes or label them with bright tape with each person’s name to keep everything sorted. You probably won’t need to get into your unit 24 hours a day, so this isn’t an amenity that you’ll likely need. Search for facilities that don’t offer all of the bells and whistles that tend to increase the price of the unit. Pack your belongings securely so that they aren’t broken when they are in your unit. Clean any appliances and electronics, wrapping items that could break with a blanket or cloth.

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