Cute Keepsakes for Baby’s First Year

As soon as the happy new parents arrive home with their newborn, the days begin to fly by faster and faster while blending together. Before the parents know it, their newborn is turning one year old. As the infant grows, parents can keep busy with creating and preserving everlasting memories before the opportunity slips away.

Hospital Cap & Arm Band

Many parents love to keep the cap and arm band that the baby receives from the hospital shortly after birth. These are some of the very first things a newborn will wear, which is quite significant. They can be framed, placed in a special memory box for safe keeping, or even turned into a cute ornament.

Hand & Foot Casts

Hand and foot casts are an adorable solution for preserving those tiny fists and feet forever. These casts create a small statue that parents can mount onto a plaque. They can be left as is, painted, or added to a memory box or shadow box. As the infant grows into a young adult, both parents will always have the precious statue to reminiscence with.

First Holiday Ornament

As the holiday season draws near, new parents get excited for their baby’s first holiday experience. One great tradition is to buy a new ornament for the child every year; for the first year, it would be a good idea to purchase two, since many parents gift the ornaments to the child on their 18th holiday. Collectible Hallmark figurines are a great spin on this tradition, especially for parents who do not decorate trees.

Baby’s First Hair Cut

When baby receives his or her first hair cut, many parents choose to keep a lock of hair as a keepsake. As the baby grows up, he or she may have a drastic change in hair color; therefore, it is nice to have a tangible memory of baby’s first locks. Many times, this hair is kept safe within a photo album.

As much joy as a new baby brings, the inevitable fact is they will grow up in the blink of an eye. Baby’s first year comes and goes far more quickly than any parent anticipates. Having precious memories saved from the first year will allow parents to cherish those moments forever.

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