Why Green Tea and Green Tea Products are Good for Your Skin

Obtaining quality dermatology care combined with using the right skin care products are the best way to help keep the skin looking and feeling healthier than ever. Below are a few benefits to using products that contain green tea for an all natural skin protection.

Destroys Free Radicals

Green tea is scientifically backed to go after and destroy the free radicals that cause premature aging of the skin. It is packed with antioxidants that target these free radicals and eliminate them from the body before they have the chance to do extensive damage. Look for skin care products that contain polyphenol antioxidants for the best results. It is the antioxidant responsible for a myriad of beneficial results for all skin types.

Protects Skin from UV Damage

Polyphenol antioxidant skin products will penetrate deeply into the second layer of living skin tissue to protect you from harmful UV ray exposure. UV rays can cause existing wrinkles to deepen and formation of wrinkles when none were present before constant exposure. You can enjoy all of your activities without the worries of skin damage from sunlight.

Reduces Sebum Production and Adult Acne Breakouts

Green tea is long recognized for the anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, but it can also reduce sebum production in your skin, which directly impacts adult acne breakouts. You can have a brighter complexion within a short amount of time with consistent use.

Helps Fight Off Skin Cancer

The potent combination of protecting your skin from UV ray damage and destruction of dangerous free radicals means you are better protected from skin cancer. Polyphenol antioxidants is an essential tool to use in your battle to have healthier, younger looking skin, without the fears of ever-increasing numbers of skin cancer cases.

Natural, Gentle Ingredient

Green tea is an all-natural ingredient for skin products that are not known to cause any serious side effects. You can feel good about applying these types of products on a daily basis.

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