4 Ways to Jazz Up Your Child’s Playroom

Your child’s playroom should be a place where their imaginations can roam free. This is easier said than done, however, when you’re a parent looking at bare walls and wondering what to do next. If you need some help designing your child’s playroom, here are just four ways to make it pop.

1. Utilize a Theme

Instead of throwing together random design elements that might or might not complement each other, try to have a coherent theme for the playroom. For example, you might create a jungle theme with indoor monkey bars and fake leaves hanging over the bed, or you might have a princess theme with a canopy bed and fairy lights twinkling over the window. The sky is the limit here. Go nuts.

2. Add A Splash of Color

As an adult, you’re probably drawn to neutral shades that you know you can match with various types of furniture and carpet. However, your child doesn’t want a beige playroom. They want bright, happy colors that make the room their own, so let them hold the reigns on this one. It’s their space. If their favorite color is neon green, give them a neon green playroom.

3. Encourage Activity

A kids door swing will get them hopping. A washable coloring mat will get them scribbling. No matter what you’re decorating the room with, make sure that it encourages activity. Not only will this keep your child entertained, but it will also sharpen their cognitive skills and help their brains develop.

4. Get Creative

Last but certainly not least, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your child’s playroom. How many opportunities will you have to decorate a zany, kid-friendly space? They’ll be in college before you know it, so go ahead and have fun while you can.

These are just a few ways to add some personality to your child’s playroom. Whether they’re crawling around playing with blocks or already putting together puzzles at a pint-sized desk, make sure that their playroom is a fun, interactive space where they can have a blast.

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