Before Putting Items In Storage

If you’ve ever stored anything in a storage unit, then you know that there isn’t a lot of space available. Most units are square or rectangular in size with most of the space extending up to the ceiling instead of being inside the unit. Fortunately, there are a few hacks that you can follow to maximize the space that you have in your unit.

Before putting your belongings in a storage Hackettstown NJ facility, you should make a list of the things that you store or label the boxes that you put in the unit. You can also make a chart with different colors that coincide with the rooms of your home or the items that you put in each box, attaching a piece of tape or paper that corresponds to the colors listed. Take pictures of the things that you put in your unit. You should also take a picture of the boxes after you have them sorted so that you can easily tell if something is missing when you open the door again to get items out.

Avoid putting bags of any kind in your unit. Use plastic totes if possible. If you don’t have plastic containers, then use cardboard boxes that you can seal. These will help to keep any pests out compared to using bags that can sometimes get torn or that sometimes have a small opening at the top even after they are closed. While you’re putting your boxes and furniture in the storage unit, keep an aisle in the center so that you have easy access to the back of the unit if needed. Clothes can be stored in vacuum-sealed bags to keep moisture away from them and to minimize the space that you need for them in the unit. If you have several articles of clothing to store, then roll them before putting them in a container because this will take up less space.

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