Tips On Buying A Used Piano

There are great reasons why you should buy a used piano. However, there are definitely some things to look out for. Here are some tips from music instrument-buying experts on how to make smart purchases and make sure the piano you buy will be the piano you have years from now.

1. First off, it is essential that you buy a piano that is used but not overused. By this, it is meant to avoid purchasing a piano which has suffered from overuse and has not been well taken care of. Try and steer clear of old upright pianos which are being given away for “free” as long as you pick them up. Upright pianos, when they are new, are fine instruments. However, many upright pianos are 100 years or more. This is well beyond the useful lifespan of a piano.

2. While it is possible to get a good deal on buying a used piano from an individual versus a seller, keep in mind that you will almost certainly need to spend some money on getting it re-conditioned. If you can score a piano for around $500, then having to sink some money into it afterward is not such a big deal.

3. There are a basically two choices on who to buy a used piano from. Either an individual or a business. The business may include such entities as a piano store boston or a piano teacher who may have used pianos and sell them on the side as a form of extra income.

4. Some people also consider re-sale value. If you are serious about playing the piano, you may be interested in upgrading the instrument a few years from now. If you are this type of individual, them make sure the piano you buy will have decent amount of re-sale value left in it.

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