Important Reasons to Treat Your Dog for Worms


Ask most dog owners and they will likely agree: dogs are man’s best friend. Dogs can be loving companions, devoted protectors and funny jesters. As your best friend, you probably want the best care for your dog, so he or she can live to old age in good health and good spirits. One important part of maintaining optimal health care for your dog is to make sure their physical systems are not threatened by worms. Regular visits to your veterinarian and thorough research on the signs of worms can help protect your dog. You can also visit Vet Products Direct for dog worming products that can help, no matter the breed or age of your dog. Here are a few important things to think of when considering worming treatments for your dog.

Worms Can Harm or Kill Your Dog

There are many different types of worms that can infect your dog. Some can live in the digestive system, while others move to the heart, lungs or brain. These infestations can manifest in a variety of symptoms, from bloody feces, difficulty breathing, dry fur, vomiting and lethargy. If your dog is acting differently than usual or seems to be sick, bring him or her into the vet and ask for a check-up to see if worms are the cause of the symptoms. Scientists argue that even though there has been misinformation and disinterest in it, de-worming and de-parasitic procedures are of critical importance to dogs in our society.

Worms Can Affect Dogs of All Ages

No matter whether your dog is a puppy or an elderly dog, they are at risk for worms. Since puppies have underdeveloped immune systems, most vets consider them to be more at risk for worms than older dogs, but it is still important that all dogs receive worming check-ups and treatments. It can be a good idea to look up the guidelines for your dog’s age and breed, but consult with your veterinarian for a specialized worming plan tailored to your pet’s particular needs and lifestyle.

Worms Can Pose a Danger to People

Not only are worms a problem for dogs, but they can also be a serious issue for human health, as well. Most adults with functioning immune systems will likely be safe from the majority of dog worms, however, children and adults with compromised immune systems face a range of health ailments if they come into contact with worms. This can result in blindness, seizures and digestive troubles. Therefore, it is critical to clean your home regularly and put your dog on a worming schedule if you have children or immunocompromised adults in the same house as your dog.

Worms Can Create an Environmental Problem

In addition to maintaining a clean house and taking your dog to the vet often, consider the significance of picking up your dog’s feces every time he or she goes outside. Many dog owners leave dog feces on sidewalks and in parks, which gives any existing worm eggs the chance to incubate and hatch into new worms. This can threaten the health of other dogs, children and adults with compromised immune systems. Make it a priority to pick up your dog’s waste and properly dispose of it in the garbage where it has less of a chance of proliferating worms in your neighborhood.

Part of being a responsible dog owner is caring for the health and happiness of your four-legged friend. By combining consistent visits to the vet with an organized schedule for worming your dog, you can work towards a better life for you, your family and your environment.

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