Promotional Gifts For Marketing

Despite the tech boom, modern marketing solutions incorporate traditional advertising methods. Digital technology can’t replace or substitute some very effective marketing tools such as promotional products. It’s easy for any company or organization to put its name on a product that could be given away for free. Trade shows and conventions are excellent venues for giving away promotional items. A business wants to give away items that are relevant to its brand name or theme. For example, a company that sells sports drinks may want to stock on promotional items such as sports water bottles.

When ordering promotional products, it’s important to include several key features. First and foremost, a company’s name should be prominently and clearly displayed. A unique logo or graphic can also be presented alongside a company’s name on a promotional item. The color schemes of the text and graphics should be carefully selected to reflect a company’s actual brand and image. The website of a company can be included along with other contact information such as physical address and phone number.

Promotional items may be customized and ordered online. A business can use simple tools to craft unique designs that are engraved, embossed or printed on specific products. Ordering items in bulk often comes with significant discounts. Trying to promote your business with free gifts is just as effective as digital marketing solutions like mobile apps and social media networking. People still appreciate physical advertising techniques that are used on actual items rather than virtual screens.

Moneytized Your Blog With LV

A lot of paid to blog site or advertising network and blog marketing have already closed unnoticed. Some of the site have failed to settle the payment and dues to their blogger. However, a new blog marketing created and been giving good opps to a lot of blogger especially to blogs with higher page rank. Like they say, When one door closes, another opens.

LinkVehicle been named BEST IN SEARCH By TopSEOs. It is a new blog marketing that allows publisher and advertiser to work together. Publisher (blogger) can monetize their website by publishing articles about the advertisers product and company generate Traffic for your Website! Publishers make money blogging! LinkVehicle makes it simple for Publishers to earn money by blogging on his/her website. Your website will be kept completely private in LV marketplace until an advertiser buys an ad and you approve that ad. There is no fee to become a publisher. LinkVehicle connects advertisers with the web’s most influential sites, bloggers, and social media tastemakers. For more information, feel free to visit their website and sign up for a free account to register your blog(s).

LinkVehicle connects advertisers and agencies with their marketplace of top notch publishers, copywriters, and designers. They are seasoned digital marketing and SEO professionals who have worked with many of the top agencies worldwide. They provide free consulting to advertisers and publishers to help them achieve the results they are looking for. Please visit LinkVehicle to contact with your digital marketing goals. They’ll take care of the rest.

LinkVehicle has an experienced sales team that will be working around the clock to bring revenue to you! Every time an ad is purchased, you will be notified. Publishers will receive 50% of the net revenue of ads placed on their site. Every publisher is paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal.

I started working with LinkVehicle since last year and just recently I’ve been getting opps and offer. It’s an additional income for me since there are only a few blog marketing that are still active these days. So, if you want to monetize you blog then click the button above or Sign Up here. Good luck!

Get Free Cool Stuff to Review with Tomoson

I have been a member or blogger in Tomoson. If your do product review Tomoson is another place for you to register and receive samples and product to review. It is also a safe place for company to promote their product. Blogger will help spread and tell the world about your product through their blog, and social media – Word of the Mouth Marketing.

Tomoson is the fast and efficient way to communicate with all your promotional bloggers or find new ones to review products. Bloggers will apply for the product that they want to receive and review depending on the rank that their blog qualifies to review. The advertiser will approve and send out the product for the blogger to talk about and share it their social network.

Tomoson leverages the power of the internet by influencing the influencers. The internet’s influencer’s are bloggers, reporters, and social media gurus create large amounts of content which people follow and read religiously. If you want to get your product out there, why not give it to someone that’s willing to talk about it and market it for you? Both bloggers and companies win, because the bloggers get a free product, and the company get their products talked about.

The piece of code serves two purposes:

~ It helps protect the blogger from legal recourse for not clearly stating the review was written after a free product was given away.
~ It will tell the promoter where and what was written in the review.

So, visit their website and read their FAQ for more information. Register to get started. Good Luck!

Facebook Page and Ads Offer

The most popular social media in virtual world and advertising today is the Facebook. A lot of advertisers have facebook page to promote their product. They asks for facebook page when they advertise their product and the bigger the number of your FB fan the better. If you get big number of facebook fanpage, you also receive possible add offers from advert and direct advertisers. Meanwhile, I became a little active in blogging again last year and was working on building my facebook likes and fan. I participated in different giveaways and paid for hosting to get more likes/fan. After a couple of months, three of my Facebook pages gain more likes and that was a milestones. I also received more product reviews offer from Tomoson because of my Facebook fan page and alexa rank. Lately, I got lazy blogging and doing reviews and this affects my blogs Alexa rank. I stopped doing giveaways and reviews. My alexa rank went high and my Facebook fan page did not improved. below is the current updates of my Facebook Page.