Moneytized Your Blog With LV

A lot of paid to blog site or advertising network and blog marketing have already closed unnoticed. Some of the site have failed to settle the payment and dues to their blogger. However, a new blog marketing created and been giving good opps to a lot of blogger especially to blogs with higher page rank. Like they say, When one door closes, another opens.

LinkVehicle been named BEST IN SEARCH By TopSEOs. It is a new blog marketing that allows publisher and advertiser to work together. Publisher (blogger) can monetize their website by publishing articles about the advertisers product and company generate Traffic for your Website! Publishers make money blogging! LinkVehicle makes it simple for Publishers to earn money by blogging on his/her website. Your website will be kept completely private in LV marketplace until an advertiser buys an ad and you approve that ad. There is no fee to become a publisher. LinkVehicle connects advertisers with the web’s most influential sites, bloggers, and social media tastemakers. For more information, feel free to visit their website and sign up for a free account to register your blog(s).

LinkVehicle connects advertisers and agencies with their marketplace of top notch publishers, copywriters, and designers. They are seasoned digital marketing and SEO professionals who have worked with many of the top agencies worldwide. They provide free consulting to advertisers and publishers to help them achieve the results they are looking for. Please visit LinkVehicle to contact with your digital marketing goals. They’ll take care of the rest.

LinkVehicle has an experienced sales team that will be working around the clock to bring revenue to you! Every time an ad is purchased, you will be notified. Publishers will receive 50% of the net revenue of ads placed on their site. Every publisher is paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal.

I started working with LinkVehicle since last year and just recently I’ve been getting opps and offer. It’s an additional income for me since there are only a few blog marketing that are still active these days. So, if you want to monetize you blog then click the button above or Sign Up here. Good luck!

What do you already know about Instagram?

If you haven’t heard of instagram, here are the facts.
Instagram is the latest and the most innovative digital social media platform available today. Since its inception in 2010, it has revolutionized the online social scene with its simplicity and user friendly communication platform. Two major activities involved in its model are photo sharing and of course, the social networking. Its target group is the mobile users who constitute a whopping advertising market to the tune of over 65 percent.

The most attractive feature of instagram is ‘likes’. More precisely, users get instagram likes to photos they like. The idea of buying likes has enamored businesses and common folks alike. Here are some of the advantages of buying instagram likes.

Your picture on your newsfeed page

With a large number of likes to your instagram photo, you also have a huge following, in which case your picture features on your newsfeed page. The implication is clear. Since newsfeed page is the first page as soon as you log, it is evident that more potential clients would see your picture along with your product or business and may likely patronize your business.

Likes translate into followers

More instagram likes for a photo clearly shows you have more admirers and followers for your products or business. That’s how you gain clients.

Budget friendly advertising

Purchased likes on instagram saves you a lot of money when you compare the costs associated with a fundraising event for your company over traditional media like television and the same over instagram. You will need to spend a fortune with the television option. However, you will very likely get the same results when you share a dozen photos online on instagram that can go viral and is yet budget friendly.

Shows your clout to friends and competitors

Every one wants to be appreciated, and every company desires to make an impact with its products and services. The huge number of likes to your photos on a site like instagram can do wonders to your business. It makes you or your business an authority adding clouts to your products and services. No wonder the big companies like Apple prefer to release the photo of their new iPod on this site. If the photo is two or more weeks old with few likes, you can easily conclude that the product is not doing well.

If you think you are acting like an unscrupulous politician who buys votes before purchasing instagram likes think again. You are not doing anything wrong, for no one likes your photo for nothing whether likes are purchased or not. If an instagram user doesn’t like your photo, they will never like it, whether or not you purchase likes, for they always have a choice to comeback and ‘unlike’ the very same photo. In other words, purchasing instagram likes is not unethical. It is not illegal either.

Some people also argue that someone who is paid to like your photo is not your active follower. Think again. When you have hundreds or thousands of followers, there would be many, whether free or paid, who are your active followers because they would love you for paying them. Surely then, buying instagram ‘likes’ has only benefits and advantages and no disadvantage at all. So upload your best photos to continue getting seamless ‘likes’.

Social Media, Networking and Connection

When I first I got here in the US, my husband forbid me to go online and signed up with the different social media or networking. Back then it was just the friendster that I’ve known as tools to connect with friends and family. Then, I got bored with my situation plus we don’t have internet connection for few months back then. My husband saw my situation that I really need to talk to my family and the only way to have that luxury without spending too much money is to have an internet connection and connect with yahoo messenger.

Meanwhile, a friend from Delaware called me and told me about blogging. We already had internet connection then and when she mention about earning money online I got curious. I convinced my husband to try this thing called blogging. He was skeptical with it and at the same time scared of the idea about putting our personal information online. He is a bit paranoid with the online hacking, virus and stuffs. But I insisted and couple of month after I started with my first blog I got an offer. It was just a small amount but it was enough proof that you can earn moolah online.

Days, months and years passed by, I opened different online accounts on different social media such as twitter, facebook, photobucket, and different domain registrar. There are also other sign up option as per requirements for some post that I blogged about. I looked back and thought about it. What happened to never share your information online? All these online social networks that you see in this post (image above) are just a few of the many online networking that I signed up.

The reason I registered or opened and account on the following social networking was for blogging purposes. I need a website that will host all the pictures and images so I signed up in Photobucket, photoshop,Picasa and muzy. I joined different online giveaways and contest and so i have to share it to my social network such as twitter, facebook, pinterest, technorati, stumble upon, google plus and more. I lost track how many social networking I signed up just to get visitors to my website, promote my blogs and thousand more reasons. Are all these social networking site, paid to blog site, directories and blog advertising safe or not?

How about you, what are the social networking you are connected with?

Blogging Basics

Do you still remember how easy and less pressure the blogging was when you just started? You only blog the thing you are passionate about, you only had one blog to managed, you don’t care about traffic and all and you are not into monetizing your blog yet. Well, when I started blogging the idea of earning online is what’s on my head but I still blogged about my passion because i wasn’t earning yet until my blog turned three months old. I experienced almost quitting on blogging, that first couple of weeks writing for nothing kind of thing. Anyway, I made it through that milestones and I am still here blogging.

I have created so many blogs and was given up some of it then buy a new one. What a crazy addict blogger I am. Seems like blogging always taking its tool to lots of blogger especially those who managed multiple blogs like myself. Before, Entrecard was the most popular tool used by blogger to drive traffic. Then came so many advertising network where you can advertise your blog for minimal amount. It was just last year when one of the advertising network called CMF ads closed some of the bloggers switched to Adgitize. Then before the year ended, adgitize decided to close its system for good, some bloggers felt sad about it including myself again.

Apparently, entrecard is the only option right now that offer free advertising to bloggers. There is project wonderful and other advertising agency or PPC but you have to pay for the services and maybe earn a little. I am also back to entrecard but the only difference are I can’t finishes 300 click dropping entrecard in one account.

I’m back to basic now, drop entrecard every once in a while and update my blog(s) too. I cannot update all my blog in one day, and some of them don’t have traffic and visitors.

How many blogs do you manage? What did you do to drive traffic to your blogs?