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Last month, one of my oldest blog was experiencing downtime.  I got lucky that I did not have task that was due otherwise I would have lost some moolah from it.  I can’t view my blog and a message like “This website is temporarily unavailable, please try again later” keep appearing every time I attempted to view my site.  This blog is hosted in blogger and I was scared that it got disabled.  I went to search online for possible reason and solution to the problem.  I found a thread in blogger forum that has the same problem.  I followed the instruction and logged in to my godaddy account to add the following.  After few hours my blog became visible again. A CNAME

You need: @ @ @ @  CNAME

Importing Blog Post from Blogger to WordPress or Vice Versa

I have migrated couple of my blogger blogs to wordpress using the import tool features in WordPress blog. It’s very simple in just a few clicks of the magic buttons.

Once you have done setting up your domain to your name host server, proceed to your wordpress blog.

Blogger to WordPress

1. Log in to your WordPress admin or blog.
2. In your wordpress dashboard choose Tools > Import
3. Choose which blogging system you want to import the blog from and since we are talking about Blogger, then click the Blogger.
4. Then, you will be directed to your Google account to authorize the transfer and grant access. Just click the Grant access button and continue.
5. Select a blog to import if you have more than one blog attached to your blogger account.
6. Then click “Import” as the magic button and the import will proceed automatically.

This past weeks I’ve been thinking of going back to Blogger and import my wordpress blog to Blogger again. So, I searched online for steps and found out this useful step by step instruction in Importing WordPress Blog to Blogger. You need to visit the link to convert your WordPress WXR export file so it would be easy to import in the blogger.

Importing WordPress blog to Blogger

1. Log in to your WordPress admin and navigate to the dashboard.
2. Click on the Tools tab > Export link, then download the WordPress WXR export file by clicking on Download Export File and save this file to your local machine. You can also choose the post dates if you wish not to import all the post in your blog.
3. Go to WordPress2Blogger and browse to that saved document and click Convert. Save the file to your computer.
4. Go to your Blogger Dashboard click Settings > Basic tab and click “Import blog” to import the converted file.
5. Then, click Browse to select the exported blog file found in your local machine and tick Automatically publish all imported posts and hit Import Blog.

Thank to the tutorial I found at WEB UPD8, now my blog is back to Blogger platform.