Choosing the Best Vessel for Your Sales

The food cart industry has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Small towns and major urban areas alike have proven fertile markets for independent food vendors. When you want to stake your own claim in this burgeoning industry, you may wonder what kind of gear you need to invest in before offering up your food and drinks for sale. You can check vessel options like a freezer cart that would allow your food and drinks to be stored safely and stay fresh while you set up shop on a busy street corner.

The kind of vessel that you choose is vital to your success. If you plan on selling frozen treats like ice cream or popsicles, you will need a cart that will keep your selections cold and fresh. However, if you plan on selling hot dogs and sandwiches, you will want a cart that will keep your food warm and tender. A reliable cart will allow you to serve your customers better without making any of them sick with food that is kept at the wrong temperature.

Your cart also will be inspected regularly by the health department to ensure its safety and compliance with local health codes. If your cart is substandard in performance and design, you could be shut down quickly and not allowed to sell food or drinks until you choose a better cart. However, if you choose a high quality cart from the onset of your independent food business, you can pass your inspections each time with ease. The inspector will see that your food is kept at the right temperature and that everything you have to sell is safe to consume.

If you are unsure of what model to choose, you can request information online. The online information can be sent to you or be made available for you to review quickly. You can then go ahead with your purchase or consider another cart model for your business. You can also find carts that will allow you to expand your business to keep up with growing customer demands. For example, if you sell hot dogs, but your customers want you to sell frozen lemonade as well, you can find a cart online that will have a dual function to keep both foods at the right temperature. You can contact the company online for more information.

Proper Caring and Training for your Dog

There seems to be many different boarding kennels to choose from but many of these tend to close due to poor management practices sooner or later. Many of these kennels last only a year or two! One sign of a good quality place for your canine friend is how long it’s been in business. Doggies Gone Wild has been in business for a strong eight years, and has opened another facility near the original one.

Staff members are trained in caring for different breeds and temperaments, meaning aggressive dogs can still be cared for at the facility. The dogs are not kept in cages, but are treated to an indoor play area, walks outside, and constant activity, ensuring they are well-exercised and content. Dogs can be signed in for extended stays, as in traditional kennels, at the doggie hotel, or for daytime stays at the doggie daycare. Different activities that are fun for dogs are available. Staff members ensure the dogs’ safety, and are trained in reducing aggressive behaviors before a problem occurs.

In addition to the activities, there is a doggie spa available where dogs can be treated to pawdicures, in which excess hair is trimmed in addition to nails being clipped and filed, mud masks, teeth cleaning and the traditional grooming. Full package grooming includes shampoo and conditioner followed by blow drying and brushing, trimming if needed, ear cleaning, then nail clipping and filing and ending with anal gland maintenance. A bow or bandanna is added just prior to leaving the salon. Another spa treatment that many might find beneficial is the FURminator treatment. If given monthly, shedding can be reduced between 60 and 80%, although some breeds might benefit more if the treatment is given bi-monthly instead.

All dogs must be at least three months old, and if they are over the age of six months they are required to be spayed or neutered. All vaccinations for rabies, parvo, distemper, parainfluenza and bordatella must be current. A Pet Assessment form, available at, covers background, medical history and behavior. The vaccination form explains that all pets must be flea and tick free, and any infestations will be treated prior to entering the hotel or daycare.

For complete dog boarding Miami and Doral both now have the perfect place, where caring for dogs is a passion for the Doggies Gone Wild staff. Intuition, caring and a love of all animals is behind the success of both Doggies Gone Wild locations.

Special Anniversary Gift Ideas

Whether you’ve been married for one year, one decade or much longer, every anniversary deserves to be celebrated. As your anniversary rolls around each year, it’s a wonderful reminder that you and your partner have chosen to spend another 365 days together. You’ve weathered life’s storms and celebrated victories, and you are still committed to each other and the life you’ve built as a couple.
If you’re searching for the right gift to celebrate your partner this year, consider one of these anniversary gift ideas.

Timeless Gift Ideas

There are some anniversary gifts that never go out of style. These gifts can be enjoyed by your partner for years to come, and they were just as appropriate decades ago as they were today.
Jewelry is a timeless gift that can be passed down for generations. Design a custom ring to celebrate your 25th anniversary, or browse a selection of classic watches to find the perfect fit for your spouse.

Experience Gift Ideas

A gift doesn’t have to fit into a neatly-wrapped box to be memorable. In fact, an experience gift is sure to be something that your spouse will never forget. Whether you choose to take your partner on a surprise vacation or you simply plan a romantic picnic lunch in your local park, the important thing is that you are spending special time together.
On an anniversary, it’s especially appropriate to re-visit some of the sites that mean the most to the two of you. Have dinner at the restaurant where you first met, visit the site of your first kiss or spend an evening at the beach where you proposed.

Low Budget Gift Ideas

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your partner feel special. In fact, some of the best gifts are those that come from the heart instead of from a deep wallet.
Use your gifts and talents to make your spouse feel special. If you’re crafty, create a scrapbook that highlights the best times in your relationship. If you love to write, compose a special poem or write a song for your loved one. Gifts that come from the heart cannot be replicated.

Whether you choose one of these gift ideas or you find another creative way to surprise your partner, the best anniversary gift is one that truly reflects the love you have for each other.

The Etiquette of Gifting

Once upon a time, there were hard and fast rules about gift giving that sought to provide guidelines for the many among us who draw a blank when it comes to holiday or birthday time. We want to give a meaningful gift that will makes us look good without being tacky or inappropriate. This caused a boom in publications that placed a certain etiquette to giving that is dated and sometimes even unintentionally offensive.

New studies show that what was once taboo is now preferred in some cases, and some would be better doing the opposite of what the guidelines of etiquette ‘experts’ say.

Bulk Gifting

The argument here is that buying multiple people the same exact gift is not only tacky, it also implies that no thought went into the purchase. This is something that men tend to be especially guilty of, but it has less to do with lack of forethought than it does with lack of knowledge. Many people are just perplexed when it comes to holiday or birthday shopping, so they’ll find one great gift, like a hot new scent, and buy it for everyone on their list.

The con of this practice is that it makes the recipient feel less special, and the gifts tend to be lower-tier. The new thinking is that, if the recipients aren’t known to each other, or are unlikely to see each other, you can get away with bulk gifting. However, if the two recipients are known to each other or meet frequently, it’s worth it for the sake of relations to spend a little more time and/or money for exclusivity.

Practicality Over Luxury

Some gifters feel that the more extravagant the gift, the better, especially at the holidays. However, studies show that people prefer to recede practical gifts they will use over luxury items they can do without. This especially appliers to things like gift certificates for upscale boutiques or restaurants; buy from a shop that is near the recipients location, at an outlet they might actually frequent.

Cash or Gift Card?

Money has always been high on the list of tacky gifts. For one, it puts a definite monetary value on the gift, and it shows lack of forethought; giving cash seems like not trying at all to some people. The logical option is a gift card, which can be exchanged at a retail outlet for something the recipient needs. In t his economy, many survey respondent stated that they prefer cash.

Gifting websites like 93.aspx offer consumers unique gifts that are affordable. Many websites also offer free personalization and shipping as an added incentive to shop with them over another eTailer. There has never been a better time than now for consumer to experience savings and convenience in the retail world.