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Lucky to Have Tan Skin

Seriously, I am very lucky to have tan skin because I don’t need to buy tanning lotions for tanning beds. I don’t have tanning bed either which I think very expensive. Do you know that in our family I am the only one who have darker skin complexion? Yes, that is true. I grew up hearing from our neighbors discrimination and sometimes mistook me as someone else kids because of my looks and skin. I got my looks from my aunt in my father’s side. Anyway, guys in the place where I came from like girls with lighter skin but some men here in the US I think prefers tan. That is why my husband got attracted to me. Have you also notice that every summer or even spring whenever the sun is out lots of girls and few guys taking advantage of the sunlight and stay out with their bra on and shorts getting some tan? Well, that is why i am very much lucky to have darker skin because I don’t need to stay naked in the park to get tan.

Just Beautiful! #3 – Flowers on Valentines

My entry for this week Just Beautiful! is the beautiful flowers I got from my husband on Valentines day. It’s the first time in the history of mankind that I received flowers from him hehe. I hope this won’t be the last.

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