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Mommy and Me Monday – 12/13

Taking pictures with our new set up Christmas tree. We were busy taking pictures for the three of us while waiting for the husband to come down so that we could take a family photo for 2010 with the Christmas tree. The husband came down with newly shaven look which scared the lamb chop. She was used to see beard at his Dada’s face. As expected, the family picture taking didn’t go well.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Mystery Gift

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Husband had been so nice this past months, He wash dishes, clean the kitchen, and watch the kids even if he is tired from work. Now he buys gift for me as Christmas present/Birthday gift but he won’t let me open it until Christmas. I wonder whats inside this mystery box. I tried to take a peek on it but he caught me once.

Pimple Problem

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