Old and New Blog Makeover

This is how my old theme in my blog Pinay SAHM looked like before a fairy hot mommy with Dashing Smile and who Live Love Pink wave her magic wand.

Tadaaa!!! sparkling… The new look of my blog. Amazingly fabulous isn’t it? I love it and I just can’t get enough of it.

Click the link below to contact these creative hot mommies if you want blog makeover.
myWeb-Blog Designs
Dhemz is one dearest friend that makeover my dragons blog Milestones. Muchas Gracias bayot. mwah!

Leak In the Ceiling

Is it spring yet? I wish, as I have sick and tired of winter. It seems like winter is too long don’t you think? The problem with winter is, the snow form into icicles hanging in the gutter of the roofs. And the when the snow in the roof top melt down it causes leak in the ceiling. Like my Mother-in-laws house for example. Last week when we came up there, she removed ceiling fans in her kitchen and dining area because of the water dripping from the ceiling. It’s a pain in the neck to contact some maintenance to fix it.

Do you know that the damaged ceiling in our house from last year’s snowstorm is not fixed yet? Yes, that is true. The management came over last week and checked the house. That was the first time she saw the ceiling and she said it was really bad. Last year she sent her people to checked on it and even sent some insurance company to check on the damages but they never fix until now. We are not so worried about it though as we plan to get a house of our own and pay the monthly mortgage instead of paying rentals that is too high.

Shopping Galore

My husband have discovered a cheaper way to shop for jeans and working shirt. Instead of buying branded jeans in the mall or other department stores, he buys all these in Cosco including working shirt. The first time he went shopping for jeans and working shirts with no ties, he bought two pairs of each item and paid almost half the price of levi’s brand. He doesn’t care if this clothes are branded or not as long as he is comfortable to wear it.

Then last Monday, my husband went back again to Costco and bought two more pairs of jeans and working shirt. He definitely having good time shopping his personal clothing at Costco for less. He enjoyed his shopping galore and added more clothing to his wardrobe collection.

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