Mommy & Me Monday – EJ’s Birthday

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Anyhow, it’s time for Mommy and Me Monday. If you wanna know where my kids in this photo well, they’re behind me hehehe. The mommy is taking over the limelight. With me in this photo was Raquel the new mommy to beautiful baby Sophie.

We were at the birthday party last Saturday. It was EJ birthday, the handsome son of a dear friend bading Rose and her hubs John. Thanks so much guys for inviting us. Jake had a dramatic exit during that party and threw a fit in the car because he doesn’t wanna go home yet.

So, there you go the artistic and busy little ones who had their own world.

Share your moments with us. It’s about time that mommy should pop out behind the camera and be in the picture. Thanks to Krystyn for hosting this meme.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #3

Well well well! Looks like someone is posting a WBFC entry a day late here. We came home late yesterday and I was tired to write updates and stuff online.

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Shy’s Mixed Thoughts

A Body is Now Fatty

How did it happen? Yeah, where did the 32-26-33 have gone? IIiii Duunnnooooo!!!!

This was my body 5 or 6 years ago.
Got married and knocked up in 2007.

Four months after the bun in the oven came out my body went back to pre-pregoroni with 105 lbs.

Then, bloated again the second time around.

I was wearing black so some of the not so fatty bud was not showing. But I still like this body I weight 110 lbs I think.

Now, whoahaha how did that fatty bumps in the tummy got there? I don’t remember i bought a barrel of canola to get all this fat inside my body. Most of my friends back hope asked me if i’m prego again… hell noooooo. Two is enough, in fact two is too much.

Even if I posed backward the fat still waving hello. Oh! man, i really need to stop eating for a week so i would lose all this fats. Looking at all these pictures is so depressing. Gotta find something to eat folks…Happy weekend. TGIF!!!