Swagbucks Points and Gifts

I received a birthday greetings from Swag Guy from my email this morning. They automatically added 50 points to your account as their birthday gift. Ha! Ha! Well, I’m a swagernautholic which means i search using Swagbucks widget, find codes, and snagged good deals at their store. Just recently, I redeemed my points with two $10 worth of Gift Cards. If you enjoy freebies and stuff then join Swagbucks.

These are the recent points that I just won from searching. I need more points as i am down to 789 now. Although i can used this points to snag the $5 through Paypal if I want to but I’ll try to save more points for bigger prizes.

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Leak the Faucet

It’s starting to get colder and freezing since winter is here. In fact couple of weeks ago the temperature went down to almost zero and we had to leak the faucets to avoid frozen pipe. Right now we are on the 21 degrees and some light snow. We still have few snow on the ground from yesterday. We experienced snow storm last year and also frozen pipes. No water coming out from the faucet because of the freezing temperature that caused the pipes to froze. We had to heat lots of water and steamed the bathroom most of the day. That was a terrible experience so now we are very cautious and always checking the weather forecast. If the temperature went down to below 20 degree then we need to leak the faucet and turn the furnace up.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas to one and all. Good night!

December Born

If you are born in the month of December then, check this out if it fits to your character and personality.  No two individual are exactly alike so this birth month personality may have or may not have in each of us that born on this month.  Some of the things describes above sounds familiar and perhaps describes some of my personality.  To all the people who will celebrate their natal day this month of the year Happy Birthday!