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GT – Oh Love!

It’s time for Girl talk, I’m posting my entry early so I will have time to bloghop tomorrow. Sorry ladies if I wasn’t able to visit all the entrants blog last week, super late kasi my entry and got caught up with my busy maid/nanay/wifey all around lifey hehe.

Anyways, time to reminisce those love songs that not only so kilig but made me ask for love as it made us fall in love. When I was a young hopeless romantic, I so love the song “Endless Love“. I’ve seen the movie with stars Brooke Shields and Martin Hewitt. That song made me a hopeless romantic then, I realized that there is no such thing as endless love, meron ba? hehehehe so I tried to forget this song.

I have tons of favorite love songs but my all time fave is Love me for what I Am by The Carpenters. I’m pretty sure some of you are humming or singing while watching the video hehehe. Okies happy girl talk gorgeous ladies.

Something to Hold

My better half broke our computer table when we were still living to that old apartment. That computer table was old and a piece of junk but it’s still be useful. But, when his colleague offered him some of his furniture that he was planning to donate to Goodwill, my husband jumped on that opportunity and grabbed the offer. So, right now we are using this nice hand-me-down computer table with covers. It also came with cabinet where I keep all my important documents. My kids can’t keep their hands on the cabinet knobs and from opening the cabinet all the time. Their little hand is so quick in pulling out the drawer since there is something to hold.

Lately, my buckaroo had stop messing with it because I intentionally close his finger in that drawer. I did not close it so hard just enough for him to see that if he won’t stop he will get a boo-boo. Am glad that he understand, now my problem is the little lamb chop. Until now she keep playing with it and grab all the papers out and play with it. She is still a baby and she just laugh if I said no and stay away. She thinks it’s fun. I’m gonna try to look for a lock to this cabinet though.

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