Morning Chat

This morning I got up early because my two rug rats got up early. After I gave them their morning breakfast and milk i went online to check my emails. I was going to start early with some of my pending assignment when my sister buzzed me at yahoo messenger. So, instead of writing my reviews about best vitamins for men. I spent the whole morning talking to my parents and sister. It was past midnight already when we finished chatting. My dad was still up because he had trouble sleeping. He asked me to call my sister in Vegas to send the vitamins he asked. As you all know, my sister and her husband are very health conscious. They buy different vitamins and even sleeping pills and stash them in their stock room. Anyhow, I had the great time talking to my family and seeing them laughing while watching Jake and Justine.

Stress and lack of sleep

Last night I went to bed at around 2:00 in the morning because i finish some few task. And tonight I’d probably go to bed late again because of the same reason. Aside from that, my mind is so pre- occupied and stressed thinking of how I’m gonna save money for the plane ticket going home to the Philippines. I can’t deny the obvious wrinkles and dark spot under my eyes. I would certainly need an eye wrinkle cream to help hide or get rid of this wrinkles. I used moisturizer but that doesn’t help remove the dark spot and wrinkles at all. I am lack of sleep and stress so what do you expect. This look would probably scare someone on halloween lol.

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My Mini Deep Fryer from CSN Stores Review

My order from CSN Stores had arrived last week but I never got the chance to post it right away as i got busy with lots of things. CSN Stores have 200+ online stores and over 2 million products to offer. It certainly the perfect place to shop for everything you need from office products, to cookware, dining sets and and even attractive nightstands to add perfection to your bedroom.

My first pick actually was the nightstand that I mention in my post I Wish I Have You. I so love that nightstand at CSN Stores. But, I need a Deep Fryer in my kitchen as I am sick and tired cleaning that sticky oil splattered all over my stove top. It’s hard to take that oil off the stove. I have no regret however buying first the E-Ware Rectangular Mini Deep Fryer. I saved $8 as it has 20% off so I paid only $31.00. What a great saving wasn’t it? When my package arrived on the mail, I was excited to assemble it up and take pictures for my readers.

Check out what I can do with my deep fryer? I can fry chicken, chicken nuggets, Onion rings and french fries. I love it because it’s convenient and easy to use. My husband was fascinated with the deep fryer that he bought lots of frozen fries and onion rings. It came on the right timing because I just bought a big bag of chicken nuggets at Costco. Now, frying these kind of food is as quick as counting 123.

Visit CSN Store and find everything you need for you home as they offer Furniture, Home Decor, Kitchenwares, Modern Furniture, Arts and Paintings, Baby & Kids, Shoes, Baggage, & Luggage, Health & Fitness, Pet, Office, and School supplies. They offers an incomparable selection, a trained service team, and prices that won’t be beat. CSN Stores has it all plus hassle free returns and free shipping on just about everything!

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