Mystery Gift

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Husband had been so nice this past months, He wash dishes, clean the kitchen, and watch the kids even if he is tired from work. Now he buys gift for me as Christmas present/Birthday gift but he won’t let me open it until Christmas. I wonder whats inside this mystery box. I tried to take a peek on it but he caught me once.

Pimple Problem

Most teenagers have experience and suffers from pimple or acne problem and I know how embarrassing and uncomfortable it is. I never experienced worse pimple and acne until I got pregnant with my first born. Sometimes, you choose the wrong pimple medicine because you just want to get rid of it the fastest way. This impulsive act don’t always come with good result so instead of getting rid your pimples or acne, it’ll just going to get worst. It is very important to research or read reviews in looking for the best acne treatment in the market. However, most people with acne problem use acne treatment products that contains salicylic acid as a prominent ingredients. Salicylic acid have been on the market for acne and pimple treatment for a very long time. I remembered some of the teenagers in our place when I was growing up had been using this to get rid their pimple and acne problems.

Lazy Week and Procrastination

Pardon me for not doing some blog hopping lately, The lazy bug had strike again. Monday was my last update in this blog. I’ve been procrastinating in posting some of the paid post task assigned last weekend. Not to mention I have multiple blogs to manage including the ones for my sisterettes. I still have last two pending opps that need to be done tonight but my mind is pre-occupied with lots of stuff like gift wrapping, decoration, cards etc etc and oh the laundry and humongous clean clothes ready to fold. Thus laziness is the main culprit of all this procrastination. I miss some of the memes this week also. Haaayz what a life. I’ll return your visit guys whenever i get the chance today or tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

Mommy and Me Monday – All bundled Up 12/6

It’s snowing this morning and it’s gonna be the start of a very vold winter days to come. Grrrr hate freezing time on winter. It’s takes forever to get ready when you go out and you feel heavy for because of the think winter coat and layers of clothes inside.
I would not mind the cold weather if the destination is to ihop. There’s only one ihop in our area. There are two other ihop restaurant but its far, one by the air port and the other one way farther. Anyhow, our first time at ihop was half good and half not so so. We waited forever and ate like less than 30 minutes. The ihop just opened last month and everybody love to hang out at ihop despite of the long lines and long hours of waiting.

So, enough chuvaness, this is my entry for this week Mommy and Me Monday. Thanks for coming everyone!

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