Save with Food Storage

What do you do to save food and money? Perhaps some of you use coupons and discount codes in all your grocery shopping to save money. There are many ways to save and one of them is using food storage. Food is one of our basic needs but there instances that we just throw out left over food to the trash. So, instead of wasting food why not start saving by storing your food and stop throwing food away. It’s a good savings to buy bulk groceries that don’t get spoiled right away and store then in your storage room. This is also a good way to save food that you can use during rainy days.

Remembering My Old House

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When I was single I loaned for a house and bought the important furniture and appliance such as sofa, bed, dining table and stove. I already had refrigerator and television. I also bought a whole set of tupperwares that I can use for party and gathering events. The kitchen wares that I didn’t buy before was the kind that break, china wares and le creuset stoneware. It was expensive for me to buy that kind of kitchen ware and besides I have enough tupperware big and small that I could use just in case I host a party. It was a good thing that I never bought a lot of kitchen ware because after a year of paying my house mortgage and living in my house i eventually got bored and tired of the obligation. So, I decided to went back live in the city and neglected my monthly payment obligation with the house. I sold all my stuffs except for the TV and refrigerator.

Below are photos of my old house six years ago. My sister, BIL and their kids went to the Philippines and had a little party in my house. I left my house in 2005 and moved to a small apartment. If I didn’t leave my house back then I’m probably still single living by myself in that small house. I think I have spent a little over php150,000 with that house and all that money was wasted because of my capricious mind and impulsive attitude.

Finding For Solution

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