Funny Stressful

Yesterday, we went with hubby to his work and spent the day at his office. He was done already with his summer class last week, but his collegue/officemate asked him to cover a class for him. So, we went with him because we also have to get our papers notified. My husband is very focus when it comes to work which is theexact opposite of me. I am more of goofing off and taking everything as fun. So, that day my husband was so busy photocopying papers, printing text exams and more. While me on the other hand was busy looking after my dragons. I gave J$J pens and crayon to enjoy while staying inside the small office. Hubby came back to the office with forms for me to sign on. I was writing my signature when the little lambchop was so quick enough to write the crayon on the paper. She able to leave a red mark on the form and of course Joe’s reaction was extremely pissed off. As in super pissed to the max that he had to pound the wall to release his anger. That is how Joe gets mad, he is like some kind of crazy person and pounding or punching something is his way of releasing his anger. His Mom already reprimanded him about that kind of behavior but he can’t help it. He had to scream, punch, pound or swear to get it off his system. Anyhow, back to my story I am used or should I say we are already used to his behavior. So, Justine just moved on to her drawing and scribbling while me can’t help it but to gave him a big sarcastic grin. I mean, there is no reason to act like that. It was really funny for me, stressing himself out of nothing. The mark that the little girl left was not so clear. And Justine didn’t care that she stressed out her father. It was pretty funny for me though, while very stressful to my husband and simply nothing to my J&J. LMAO

We left the school at around 3:00 in the afternoon and headed to the some post office for notification or notary. That’s how our day went yesterday.

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Mommy and Me Monday – @ Frick Park

Last week was extremely hot and we look for other place with a little shade for the kids to play. We went to the Frick Park and there were only few kids as it was weekdays when we were there. This place used to be always full and crowded on weekends. Anyhow, Justine had a blast walking pushing her walker. She can’t walk yet that is why I have to bring the walker everytime we are out so she can practice walking at the same time enjoy pretending like she is walking.
Resting and taking a milk break.  Jake had his apple juice break too.
Jake don’t like the sun light, it blinding him, so I let him wear his shade inside the car.  Sun light is not good for the eyes and wearing shades is a good protection for the eyes.
Here is the little girl on the move.
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Non Sense Thought

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Babies are cute, fragile, angelic, adorable, and innocent and yet very manipulative. They are naive and yet sneaky. Sometimes, they try to outsmart us in their own baby-ish way. They look so angelic but capable of hurting other baby. All babies are cute and adorable but when they do annoying stuff or throw a temper tantrums the cuteness gone and doesn’t look so adorable. They can’t say they word thank you or please when you try to teach them but they imitate right away the word $#!+.  Baby is a great imitator but they imitate silly things rather than good things.  It’s really hard to be in the baby world isn’t?  Then when they are still baby even if they break your precious collection or break the TV, computer mouse they are still cute. Don’t bother me folks i am just bored and while watching me kids I had all this non sense though playing in my mind. They rock my world with their super power. Baby have super power, yes they do. They make me us insane without even trying or knowing it. They make us happy and blessed. They turn our world up side down but mostly in a wonderful way. They are just baby but they do incredible things