Angry with the Joke

There are some joke which don’t fit in the situations or my moods that makes me angry. Like today, after i posted my entry for Nostalgia meme, clicked links and visited other participant. When I was reading post and watch pictures when husband asked me what was that. So, I answered that I was just reading. Then he asked who was it? I answered him nicely that it was a filipino blog blah blah blah… when he cut in and answered “NEVER HEARD OF HER”. For me that was really rude. Why would you ask something like that and then just want to make fun. I was pissed. I grabbed the empty bottle and threw it at him. He was shocked with what I did. Well, I was mad! I told him, don’t asked anything if you are not interested to hear the answers. I answered him nicely and his intention was to make fun at me. That kind of attitude I really don’t like with my husband. I am not actually in the mood for uncalled jokes like that. After I throw the bottle at him, he realize that what he did is not nice. There are lots of things I hate about Joe and that gay joke was one of them.

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Recovered Post

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Last week I made an update post for this blog just for the sake of updates. Then, I received emails from the hosting to make some back up of the post because it might get lost or gone some of the post while still doing the transfer. I ignored her emails thinking that it might now affect my blog last updates. But then, when i checked my blog this morning I was stressed when i found out that my post was gone. I just let it go and continued updating with my other blog. Then, this afternoon I had a chat with the web hostess of my blog and she told me to search it on google cached. So, i did and was glad that it was already cached by google and recovered my post back. Lesson learned: next time I should listen to my web hosting hostess. Thank mommy rubz for the tip.

Mixed Obligations

Blogging seems like an obligation and chores to me. Until now I still don’t know how to manage my time and balance my blogging work with lots of things. Everyday I am cramming to catch up with everything, with my time and task. My kids are my priorities and they demands more attention and time now that they are bigger. I have to stop my blogging and attain to them. We only have one computer so once i am out of the computer chair my husband will take over and check his work and then play. Before he is done with his game, time for me to fix the kids meal. so i had to fix their meal, and then feed them. Then do the dishes, and by the time I am done all this my body requires break and rest. I am always chasing the time you know, That is why i advertise 3 of my blogs so I could have at least visitors in each one of them. I am thinking how did i get into this mess. i think blogging is a mess because they mess up our lives. i already put lots of effort to all my blogs so no more stopping. I am insane now, because I was already having difficulty managing my time, i added more blogs to the list. What was I thinking/ anyone would please give me a noogie.