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Hi all, How was your 4th of July at your end? Hope all is well. As usual nothing so fancy at our end. We stayed home, watch movie 4th of July marathon and tour de France. I am glad that the Cottrill Family invited us to their sweet daughter Rylie’s birthday the day before 4th of July because we never got the chance to get out of the house the next day. I had fun, my kids enjoy their company and had a blast in the creek. Now, another manic Monday and even if I don’t feel like blogging seems like something dragging me to make some updates. Anyhow, hope everyone is enjoying their 4th of July.

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Funny Stressful

Yesterday, we went with hubby to his work and spent the day at his office. He was done already with his summer class last week, but his collegue/officemate asked him to cover a class for him. So, we went with him because we also have to get our papers notified. My husband is very focus when it comes to work which is theexact opposite of me. I am more of goofing off and taking everything as fun. So, that day my husband was so busy photocopying papers, printing text exams and more. While me on the other hand was busy looking after my dragons. I gave J$J pens and crayon to enjoy while staying inside the small office. Hubby came back to the office with forms for me to sign on. I was writing my signature when the little lambchop was so quick enough to write the crayon on the paper. She able to leave a red mark on the form and of course Joe’s reaction was extremely pissed off. As in super pissed to the max that he had to pound the wall to release his anger. That is how Joe gets mad, he is like some kind of crazy person and pounding or punching something is his way of releasing his anger. His Mom already reprimanded him about that kind of behavior but he can’t help it. He had to scream, punch, pound or swear to get it off his system. Anyhow, back to my story I am used or should I say we are already used to his behavior. So, Justine just moved on to her drawing and scribbling while me can’t help it but to gave him a big sarcastic grin. I mean, there is no reason to act like that. It was really funny for me, stressing himself out of nothing. The mark that the little girl left was not so clear. And Justine didn’t care that she stressed out her father. It was pretty funny for me though, while very stressful to my husband and simply nothing to my J&J. LMAO

We left the school at around 3:00 in the afternoon and headed to the some post office for notification or notary. That’s how our day went yesterday.

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