Father’s Day Dinner

I told myself last night that I’m gonna spend my whole day bloghopping to make up with my absence but looks like it’s not gonna happen. I was pretty busy the whole day cleaning up some crap upstairs and organizing the boxes of books and toys. Then in the afternoon Babger had to run some errands and the two little munchkins were not napping. And then, we ate out for dinner to as chinese buffet as pre-father’s day celebration. When we came home a big rain just pour down out of nowhere. I was about to start bloghopping when my husband took my spot in front of the computer to check his mails and play cards. And when I got the pc back I was busy updating my blogs to greet every father in the world a happy fathers day especially to my babger Joe_dub. I doubt if I will be able to visit all of you guys. I’ll take some time tomorrow to visit all my friends in my blogroll in all my blogs.

To my dearest husband HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO YOU

And of course HAPPY FATHER”S DAY TO MY PAPA Leopolds the great! And last but definitely not the least Happy Father’s Day to my Brother Julius and Boyet! Hope you guys have a happy day. Enjoy! luv yah!!! :-*

Vote for Bella Grace

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Bella Grace

I’m calling all my blogger friends and mommies to make this sweet baby Bella win the Baby Photo Contest. She is the youngest daughter of Marz Rubz Ricafrente and my inaanak. If you have an account in blogger/blogspot you can cast your votes by commenting “I vote for Baby #1 Bella Grace” at Anything Under the Sun. Help us make my adorable inaanak win the photo contest. Hope this sweet and angelic smile will convince you to visit the site and vote for her. Your votes are greatly appreciated. Thank You!

Follow Me Back Tuesday – Week 6

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Mommy and Me Monday- The 17th Edition

Mommy and Me Monday- The 17th Edition

Time for Mommy and Me Monday hosted by Krystyn.

These pictures were taken this morning by my sister. She came to visit us for 3 days and will be back to Vegas tomorrow. Anyhow, there is nothing fun things to do around if the weather is sort of unpredictable, so we decided to just take a walk and go to the playground. It’s just a few walks away from our place but the road is not plane, its hills. Below are my buckaroo and little lambchop playing with the swing.

Hanging out at the backyard and let my little lambchop try her new cute umbrella that my sister bought from the Philippines.

This is us walking downhild goingto the playground.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn