Happy Mother’s Day

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Earn with InboxDollar

Earn with InboxDollar

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Fron Info to Net

The fickle minded in me had strike again. Recently, mommyrubz had the earth promo of 1 year hosting domain with .info free domain. So, I got one slot and opened this blog. The few days ago i was thinking I already had one .info domain how about try a different one like .Net maybe? I was thinking million times of I go on with my thought. I don’t want to add any hassles and problem to the host of my blog. So, just few hours ago I can’t help myself but to push thru what I want. I approached mommyrubz and asked if its possible. MommyRubs is such a very approchable, nice person despite of her busy life and blogging problems she still manage to squeezed me out in her golden time. Thank you so much mommy marz. So, there you go guys, my new domain name from mixedthoughts.info to www.mixedthoughts.net . Hope this domain will bring luck to me and get cashed by google quickly and become visible in the search engine. I welcome my blog to the world of internet with its domain name .net.

Mother Nature is Back

After almost 3 year of not having a monthly visitor makes you feel different and uncomfortable. It was nice when you don’t have monthly visitor because you don’t have to worry about napkins, stains, and the dysmenorrhea too. Now that mother nature is back visiting me my body is sore, and back to wearing pad again. Aside from that you also feel hot inside plus the headache and temperance. In the lighter side I am glad because it shows that I am not pregnant. It scary if you get pregnant again after you had two kids and you planned of stopping there. I hope this thing will stop tomorrow and I don’t mind at all if she visits me every month.