Partner In Car

To most people car is a necessity while others it is their hobby. Car makes our life and work easier. With car we get to work on time and we do not have to leave early just to catch a bus going to work because we have car that will take us to work. For other car is like their girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s their partner to go places. We use car everyday, and it’s just right to give our car the right maintenance to last longer. With that being said San Diego auto repair would be the good place to check out for repair services. They have good reputation in handling all car repairs and you can trust that your car is in good hands. If you are looking for Ford F-150, well repairpal have the right style and maker for you. So, don’t go anywhere else just click your mouse and go to They will check engine light just in case your car is having problem with the engine light. They offer different services and quality job in all your auto needs. Check out their website and their auto shop for information and details. You can ask question and they will give you the right answer you need to know. Repair Pal gives you independent and unbiased repair estimates, user ratings and reviews, plus advice you can’t get anywhere else. Make Repairpal you partner in all your car repair and maintenance. Visit their website now and get an auto repair or maintenance estimate. Good luck!

Moolah Source Part2-Making $$$ Online

Here is the second part of the website where I get paid from writing review. Hope you will find this article helpful and be able to earn extra income from blogging what you love to write. Click on the logo to visit their website and register your blog.

Review Me is the paid to blog website that requires good page rank and good alexa rank to get accepted in their website. If your blog has a good Alexa rank and page rank they will likely approved it and give you opportunity. My blog had good alexa rank when i submitted it to their system, it got approved right away. Below are the only earnings i got from them. Now that my blog Alexa rank went up, I never get additional job from them. Click the logo and check out their site.

Just like the other paid to blog site, Sponsored review are looking for bloggers that have good page ranks and readable writing with proper grammar usage. Once your blog got approved, you will have to bid for their advertisers offer, once the advertiser approved your bid, they will email you to write the review. They pay through paypal and it is a 50% share to you and cut for them from the job you did. S, if you get a job offer of $20 half of it will go to your paypal and half will go to them. Just click the logo to get started at Sponsored Reviews. Make sure to read their FAQ so you will know.

Blogging ads had give me tons of job and i really earned by writing reviews for them. They give out $5 worth of opprtunity for 160 words. They also approved blogs with page rank 2 and above. You just have to check their website every now and then to grab any available offer. The offer will go away if someone grab it. So, you have to be quicker in checking opportunity at their site. Click on the logo below to register your blog.

BlogToProfit is also a great paid to blog site to earn extra income. They usually give out opportunity once only. After I registered my blog, it got approved right away and was given 3 opportunity for each blogs. So, far two of my blogs was offered 3 opportunity from them and i hope they will give more opps to the rest of my blogs listed at their system.

I just registered my blogs to Link worth 3 months ago and I already got paid once. Now i am waiting for my second payment from them. They give out good opportunity to bloggers with higher page rank also. You can visit their website and check out all the offers they have.

This paid to blog website is different among others site i know. After you registered your blogs to their site, they will email you for any offer. And if the advertiser buy your offer they pay you the payment in advance through paypal and so is the task and keywords to each links that you are going to write. I received lots of offer from them but i only write once.

These are the sites that i signed up but never get lucky. I registered my blog in Loud Lunch last year and just recently got approved. Whew! That was a long waiting. I only got one opps from the. My friends received lots of opportunity from them though. Their style is a bit different with other paid to blog site. If you get a campaign from them you have to write it first in their draft, then they will have to check for it, and then submit it to their advertiser. once everythingis fine, they will give your few hours to publish it in your blog. They pay through paypal. You will get lucky with LL if they like you blog because they will give you tons of campaigns. Click on the logo to sign up and register you blog.
I never got any opportunity from iHype. I registered my blog last year and got approved right away. But never a single task i get from them. Perhaps, they are looking for blogger with higher pr to received offer from them.

Blogger wave is also a good site to make money. I have 3 blogs in their system. I actually got offer from them but I declined it. Their offer starts from $4, you can registered you blog and you will opportunity right away. they also pay through paypal. But I have heard from a friend who deligenty write review from them that she haven’t get paid yet. And I heard from other that they really pay for the job you did. I guess mostly late.
Link from blog was a good paid to blog webstise if you have higher pagerank. Lots of blogger already received payments of the job they did from Link From Blog. You have to accrued $50 before you can cash out money from them.In my case, I only have less than $15 bucks earning from them and i don’t know if I can cast it out as I didn’t get any additional task from them anymore. i get offer every now and then but the price was too low, not worth writing for.

Just click the logos of the following paid to blog site to register your blog. Good luck and happy blogging.

Wasted Gift Card

The problem if you don’t know how to drive is you can’t go to the mall whenever you like it. You have to ask and beg your husband to drive you there and once he said yes of course he would ask something in return like massage perhaps. This is my situtaion here, that is why I have to be smart in letting him pay if he asks for a massage sometimes. When we went to the mall and bought some chocolate for my MIL, the Godiva had was on sale too and give $10 gift card for purchase over 50 something i guess. I already asked the husband to go back to the mall so we can spend the $10, well he said yes but that yes was came from the nose hehe not serious. Until this gift card got expired. Another gift card we got was this hair cut from some hair salon that we do not know. It came actually on the mail but it juts got wasted because we never got the chance to avail this. We also get coupons on the mail but my husband are not using them. he is the one who does our grocery and worry about all the bills. He doesn’t want to share responsibility so be it, suck it up yo!!! hehe.

June Blog Makeover Giveaway from WAHMaholic

WAHMaholic’s Blog Makeover Giveaway

I am joining WAHMaholic’s Monthly Makeover Giveaway! Here’s what’s at stake:

Up to $100 worth of WordPress or Blogger Makeover including:

  • custom header and footer
  • custom background
  • custom favicon
  • custom navigation bar
  • custom post footer (for Blogger)
  • fancy post title font
  • 125×125 button/badge
  • personalized signature
  • fancy comment section
  • layout style of winner’s choice
  • and anything else that will make the makeover fab

For more details on how to gain raffle points for the giveaway, head on to WAHMaholic’s blog for details. Below is my entry for the month of June.

I am taking my chances here to win a fabulous blog makeover from Ms. Kaye’s author of WAHMaholic, WAHMaholic Designs, Beauty Queen Gene, and Random WAHM Thoughts. I have seen her protfolio and some of her fabulous work from other blogs I know like the Kizuna, Pensive Thoughts, Seiko’s Diary and more. I actually tried to contact her before but my budget can’t afford her service. So, maybe with this giveaway i would get lucky and win hehe wishful thinking. O:-) . I really love all her creation and this blog deserved a makeover. So, checked out the giveaways folks it’s open to all blogs older than 2 months with 20 post for blogger and wordpress.