Lazy and Bored

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Before the weekend started I planned to bloghop, do my adgitize routine, and updates my blogs but all that were just in my mind. I was tired and exhausted after our zoo visit last Friday, then Saturday I was very lazy doing lazy things. I got bored and didn’t feel like blogging, chatting, and more. All I did this weekend was playing games online. Then, today we went to target and did all the laundry. I still feeling lazy but had to fight the virus because I haven’t bloghop for couple of days now. I’m done bloghopping already and I have to update my blog and do adgitize. Hope your weekend folks went well.

Sweet Blog Award and Tired

I would like to thank Anygen for this sweet blog award that she handed to me. Thank you tsang so sweet of you to think of me, ehem! This award has been around the blogworld so I gues I am not going to follow the rules for now. I’m keeping the award and if you like it feel free to grab.

I just want to update this blog before heading to bed tonight. I’m tired and sleepy right now. I’ll continue bloghopping tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend y’all!

BlogAdvertisingStore is a Scam

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This post is just to remind everybody to stay away at paying post which is now the BlogAdvertising Store because this website is a scam. If you are a blogger and want to earn extra income there are lots of legit website where you can get a decent amount but not the BlogAdvertising Store. They are a scam, they don’t pay their blogger who work and write reviews from their advertisers. The adverts already paid them before they give the task or opportunity to bloggers but once you are done making good reviews to their advert they just forget the hardwork you put into your work instead they take the money. What a trash!

BlogAdvertising Store is a
Scam! scam! scam! ssssscaaaammmmm!!!!! So Stay away from their site, stop making review because you won’t get paid.

If anyone knows how to report this kind of website please tell me and the rest of the bloggers so they stop victimize other bloggers. Thank you.

Mixed Thoughts on Adgitize

As you all know I already have five personal blog plus 1 blog from my sister that I manage and maintain. This is my new blog under wordpress platform. I am not active anymore with entrecard as it has lots of website that has virus on it or website that has pop up ads that triggers my computer to get crash. So, I decided to spend $14 to advertise my blog to get more visitors and followers. This blog is not 1 month old yet so by advertising this, it will give me the reason to update it everyday. I am still waiting for approval from Adgitize.

I would like to thank tsang Dhemz for my pretty badge. Thanks a lot tsang. You’re the best mwah!