Protecting Your Bank Account

Protecting Your Bank Account

I’m glad I don’t use my bank account in all my transaction online instead i used paypal. But whatever you used online hankers are always there just lurking around finding ways to hack your bank account or personal account online. We have to be careful in all our transaction online.

I read an article from in about Online Hackers and how could they might Steal Your Cash. You might want to check it out for protection. You can read the full articles here.

How to Help Protect Your Account

• Don’t access your account from a shared computer.

• Be certain your computer has anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware programs, including security software with automatic updates.

• If you are using wireless service, check the settings on your computer to make sure the connection is encrypted. Don’t connect to your account using a public network, like the ones you find at a coffee shop or at the airport.

• Review your statements regularly and carefully, and report any suspicious activity to your bank immediately.

• Use a strong password with letters and numbers combined. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

• Log out after every session.
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Advertise & Earn w/ Adgitize

Starting a blog is kind of tough because you have to work hard to get traffic and visitors to your site.  You can submit your blog to different directories and community for free to gain traffic.  You can also use Entrecard; its a free website that helps bring traffic to your site by placing and ads through the use of credits.  Other ways to get traffic at the same time ear is thru Adgitize. I have been a member of adgitize for more than a year now. It was October when I decided to become an advertiser. I then got paid in that month and increase my traffic. The next month I did not advertise my site and though i didn’t get paid my points was accumulated. So, December I advertise again and received bigger payments from adgitize. The screen shot above is my last payment and this month I got paid the same amount. It was all worth it because it maintains the traffic in my site.

Adgitize is the perfect advertising solution for bloggers. As bloggers these are the things you should know about Adgitize.
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Happy Mother’s Day

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Earn with InboxDollar

Earn with InboxDollar

Wanna earn by clicking and reading emails? Well then, sign up to Inbox Dollar. You will earn by reading emails, taking survey, playing games, and more. Check out their website and read information, details, their FAQ and sign up to start earning. You get $5 bonus when you sign up. You can also earn by referring people to sign up. They have a threshold of $30 to request for payment. I just started in their website more or less 6 months and not that active in clicking their emails. But I have earn $11 by clicking some of their emails. I friends of mine had been receiving payments from them so this website is legit. Check it out now.