Moolah on Blogging

Yes, you read it right! There is $$$ in blogging. For others they blog with no obligations while the rest they blog for opportunity offers by adverts. Other people blogged for product reviews and received sample products from certain company that they review for. As for me as Stay at home Mom I blogged for all this kind of opportunity. It was started as pastime and now I am getting hang of it and enjoying every bit of opportunity I could get online. Not only that I was giving the chance to enhance my English grammar while expressing my personal thoughts.

Nevertheless, not only you found moolah on blogging you also found fantastic and wonderful people. Build a wonderful friendship to some individuals which shares the same interest like yours.  You learn things about life through others people’s lives by reading their blogs.  You also learn more interesting information that you never knew before as wells as develop your life in all aspects.

Moreover, the first amount I earned was $81 from the site that offered a $1 in every 100 post I wrote a day.  If I was very consistent in writing everyday I could have earn more than that in one month.  But I was petics and not updating it everyday.  Then, the opportunity, offers, and moolah keep coming and coming.  In my first year of my blogging journey my husband helped me with it and blogged his thoughts.  We earned roughly $2000 in just one year from single social marketing. The rest were from other paid advertising sites.  Since we live in the US we had to pay for the taxes and we did. Well, it was all worth it that you get paid by sharing what you know and learn in life.  So, if you want to earn extra try blogging.  You can get started by opening an account in any of the following free website;

Typad, blogger, WordPress, brave journal, and many more.  I only know about blogger because it was where I open my first blog.  In wordpress I friend MommyRubz of pinaymommy takes care of the hosting and setting my page.   Click the link and getstarted. Enjoy and good luck!

7Th Baby

Hi Ya’ll!  My 7th baby on the block Mixed Thoughts.  I’m no expert in WordPress platform yet but I am trying my hardest to familiarize the whole functions and features.  As a newbie I am still learning and will always be.  Anyhow, I was not planning to open a new website but when I heard the word “PROMO” can’t resist but to grab it as quick as I could.  Thank you to Mommy Ruby for this generous offer.

This is a mixed thoughts of a SAHM living in the US dreaming to be successful in all her endeavors and pursuit pursuit of the American dream.  It tackles every facet in life, nostalgic journey, adventure, interest and random events.  Topics include, but are not limited to online activities, travel, sports, movies, politics, technology, deals and finds, and issues for both men and women.

I welcome you all to my baby and feel free to leave your trails.  Any suggestion, comments, advised, opinion, and question that you would like to share are greatly appreciated.  Thanks for coming and reading hope to see you again some time.  So long!

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller