5 Essential Tips for Hiring Contractors for Garages and Sheds

Garages and other outbuildings like sheds and gazebos contribute both utility and pleasure to homeowners. When people decide to remodel or add outbuildings like garages, playhouses, greenhouses, or sheds, their most important step is the selection of a contractor.

Ask Other People

An easy way to begin a contractor search is to ask friends, relatives, or neighbors who had similar work done. They will likely be glad to share the name of their contractors.

Conduct Online Searches

Internet research lets homeowners consider options without any pressure. Online tools like the Web.com Contractor Services allow people to locate contractors in their regions. Click here to explore contractors that build garages, sheds, gazebos, playhouses, and other outbuildings.

Look for a Good Match

A homeowner who desires a new garage or shed needs a contractor who frequently builds outbuildings. It is better to work with an experienced garage contractor instead of hiring a company that simply needs the work regardless of project type.

Get Multiple Quotes

For any large project it is best to obtain job quotes from two if not three contractors. Multiple quotes allow homeowners to compare value and quality.

Ask for References

Due diligence is essential before contracting someone for work worth thousands of dollars.

Investing several weeks in a contractor search is appropriate. The process should not be rushed. The success of a garage or outbuilding project depends on finding the right contractor for the job.

New Trends in Image Printing

There have been several changes in the way photographs have been reproduced over the past five years. The conventional ways of creating prints are being replaced by modern and advanced technologies. Anyone that owns a smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device can capture images at any moment of the day. These devices impact the photography industry greatly, and they significantly influence the methods in which images are produced into prints. Most people have hundreds of photos stored on their personal computers or mobile phones. Consumers often look for innovative ways to produce these images into print forms and keep them as souvenirs or high-quality, durable photo albums that will last for many years.

There is a much higher demand for prints, and consumers search for companies that can deliver prints quickly. Photography companies must adapt to the new trends in image printing to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and meet the demands of consumers. This means delivering exceptional quality and offering unique products that people want. The level of quality should be higher than what an individual with little to no photography skills can create. Image printing companies, like Black River Imaging provide options for customers to purchase a variety of mementos, such as greeting cards, spiral notebooks, coasters, calendars, stickers and stationary. Customers can upload images online and quickly place their orders. Most companies also offer mobile printing options for customers, and some companies have designed mobile apps for customers to create printed products. These convenient methods are attractive to many consumers who seek to find easy ways to send their images for printing.

Research studies indicate that the rise in the use of smartphone cameras has a significant impact on the demand for photo albums. Many consumers are now more likely to purchase printed versions of picture books than ever before. The textures and styles of photo books and albums are important in determining whether customers will purchase a company’s products. Photography companies are tailoring their products to attract customers by designing cover styles for photo books. Some of the popular covers are leather and metal designs.

Stop Ticks before They Stop You

Ticks are not only irritating and difficult to remove from pets and humans, they also carry serious diseases. There are some preventative things you can do to protect your family from Lyme disease and other illnesses that ticks carry. With a blend of barrier spray treatments and tick tubes, you can greatly reduce the possibility of ticks infesting your garden.

What Are Tick Tubes?

Ticks are harmless when they are hatched, but after they have had their first blood meal, they carry serious pathogens. This meal is usually from mice because most ticks are hatched in mice nests or nearby. Tick tubes are biodegradable tubes that contain treated cotton that attracts mice. They use the cotton to build their nests. The cotton is infused with a tick controlling insecticide that is carried right to the source of the ticks in the mouse’s nest. Tick tubes need to be placed by professional pest-eliminators because there is a time when they work the best, and the number will depend on the size of the property and the seriousness of the tick infestation.

Prevention in other Places

If you are planning a camping trip to the forest or are visiting a park where ticks may live, there are some things you can do to reduce the possibility of having ticks bite you or your pets.

• Ticks live near wooded and grassy areas. If you walk on pathways, always walk in the center of the path to avoid contact with ticks that may be on the bordering shrubs.
• Treat your boots, clothing and camping gear with a product that contains permethrin.
• Use a tick repellent that contains DEET on your skin. Follow the directions for use.

When you get home you should:

• Check your clothing for ticks.
• Take a shower and check your body for ticks. They hide in crevasses such as under the arms and in an around the hair.

If You Find a Tick

Effective tick treatment is available if you are bitten by a tick. First, grab the tick with tweezers as close to the skin as possible and pull straight out. If you become ill within a few days or weeks after the bite, see a health care provider. There are several factors that determine if you’ll become ill such as:

• The region where you got the tick
• The type of tick
• How long the tick was attached

With professional help, ticks will not take over your garden effectively driving you out.

How to Sell Gold and Silver: Online vs. In Person

Do you have gold and silver lying around that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe it’s time to sell it and cash your belongings in for actual cash! How do you sell your precious metals, though? Do you have to find a buyer in person or can you get rid of your items online? Both are options, actually – it’s just a matter of which choice will work better for you.

Before You Sell

Make sure to do your homework. What exactly do you have and what’s it worth? What are the rates in your area? What do online rates look like and how competitive are they? If you know your stuff going into a sale, it’s unlikely that the buyer will try to take advantage of you.

Selling Online

• Generally, you’ll get higher offers for gold and silver when you sell it online – that’s not a guarantee, though, and some people find better deals in actual local stores.

• Your first step is to find a website that buys gold and silver. Then, you have to agree to a fair price for the sale. The prices should be locked in so that both parties are clear on exactly what they’re getting.

• When selling online, you’ll probably need to show credit or debit card information. This is security for the buyer – if you cancel the sale, you’ll be charged for the market difference. (If you fulfill your end of the deal, there’s no reason for you to be billed.)

Selling In Person

• This is the option for you if you need cash in your hand immediately. When you sell online, it can take a few days to complete the order and get paid.

• It’s best to choose a credible company over a basic pawn shop or a store that advertises, “We give cash for gold!” The higher quality the company, the more of a fair deal you’ll get.

No matter what, always be honest with the buyer. Interested in learning more about selling gold and silver? Order today for more information.