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The Best Healthy Treats for Your Horses

As a horse owner, you know that the right type of food can extend the life of that animal and make its coat look healthy and shiny. You may not know the same applies to the treats that you give those animals. Those new to owning horses often do not realize that there are some foods that horses cannot eat and some foods that they can safely eat. You can feed your horse a number of delicious treats that are healthy too. Some are even suitable for hiding horse mineral supplements
inside. Take a look at some of the best and not so great treats for horses.

Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruits are among the best treats for horses. Apricots are a great option, but you need to cut the apricots in half and dispose of the pit first. Horses cannot digest the pit, and that pit may become stuck in their throats. The same holds true for dates. If you feed your horse watermelon, make sure that you remove the rind first. Horses can eat watermelon seeds but not the rind. You can also feed horses roasted peanuts but not raw peanuts, apples, bananas and other fresh fruits.

Fresh Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are great for horses too. Mr. Ed, the lovable horse that appeared on television, was actually fond of raw carrots. Horses can digest both the orange part of the carrot and the green fronds on top. You can also give your horse fresh pieces of crisp celery and lettuce. When using lettuce, you may want to cut the heads in quarters or give the horse one leaf at a time. Giving the horse a larger chunk of lettuce may result in the animal choking. Other vegetables that are safe for horses include beets, sweet potatoes and squash.

What to Avoid

Feeding your horse the wrong treats can make the animal sick or even lead to its death. In the same way that you should avoid feeding chocolate to dogs, you should never give horses chocolate either. Vets also tell horse owners to steer clear of dairy products, including cheese and yogurt. Horses are naturally lactose intolerant. Other potentially toxic foods include garlic, onions, peppers, tomatoes, broccoli and spinach. To keep your horse healthy and to reward the animal at the end of a workout session, opt for healthy treats like certain types of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Horse Trainers are High Risk Professionals

Horses are among the most beautiful and awesome animals ever created, and equestrian sports can be very enjoyable. On the other hand, equines are large, powerful and they can be dangerous if not properly trained. The average person does not have the knowledge required to transform an untrained horse into a mount that is safe and a pleasure to ride, so they require the services of a professional equine trainer. Once the trainer feels the horse is trained well enough, the owner is then given lessons to ensure they understand the techniques needed to communicate properly with their horse.

Equine professionals typically have training procedures that are a combination of knowledge gleaned from more experienced trainers that they have tweaked to create their own particular approach. Unfortunately, in spite of all their best efforts, equine professionals sometimes get hurt by a horse or sued by a dissatisfied customer. Because they make their living in a high risk profession, they are wise to purchase horse trainer insurance to protect their health and livelihood.

Most horse trainers begin their profession working out of a facility owned by someone else, but they often acquire their own stable as they advance in their profession. When a trainer acquires valuable property, they will need to also make sure their insurance policy is updated to insure against damage or the loss of their facility. Insurance companies that specialize in equine insurance policies also offer property insurance that covers the loss of or damage to buildings and horse related contents such as saddles, harness and carriages.

It is a fact that the more exposure a horse trainer has the higher their risk for injury or lawsuits. Owners of horses that are very difficult to train or ride will search for a trainer with the best reputation of success, so talented trainers sometimes take on the most challenging horses. This means that as the success and reputation of the equine professional grows their level of risk also increases.

Whatever level of exposure an equine professional has, they must protect themselves and their clients with adequate equine insurance. Horse trainers and owners alike are inspired by their love of horses, and a well-trained horse gives satisfaction to both.

Picturesque Vermont Farm

Imagine being the new owner of a real “find”: the West Mountain Farm, which is a Stamford, Vermont, 95-acre beautiful luxury country estate with a fantastic view of the Green Mountains.

The gorgeous estate and nature retreat is made up of three pristine contiguous parcels that have over half a mile of frontage on a town road with just four other homes, a 50-acre woodlot, and elevations that go from 1,800 to 2,150 feet. There are self-sustaining farming tracts with working barns, areas for producing fruits and vegetables, over 300 apple trees in the orchard, more than 400 blueberry bushes, motor home facilities, and 20 acres of fenced pastures for raising a variety of animals including 17 pastures that have electricity and water. This has been the home to approximately 800 llamas and alpacas since 1988 and now is a llama farm for sale.

Organic Farming

A 1,400-square-foot greenhouse has a gravity flow water supply, and no sprays have been used on this land for the past three years.

Perfect Location

The property overlooks mountain communities and towns of Southern Vermont and the Berkshires of Massachusetts. It is only a short distance from higher learning institutions, shopping, museums, and world-class entertainment. The Hartford International and Albany Airports are under two hours away. If you drive, Boston is three hours away, New York City is four hours away, and Montreal is five hours away. The interstates of I-87, I-91 and I-90,plus the Taconic State Parkway are nearby for convenience. It is also only two miles from the Long and Appalachian Trails.

Endless Potential

The amazing property and custom-designed home, built in 1970, is a secluded home that would provide quiet privacy for writers, musicians, artists, or executives. It is an ideal location for hiking, skiing, bird watching, and other outdoor activities. It would also be perfect for a retreat or recovery center after rezoning or be a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) project.

For more details

You can contact Lars Garrison, the owner, who is selling the property privately and states that you can move in shortly after you make the purchase. The property was appraised at $1,100,000 but is now priced to sell quickly at $850,000.

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