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Paid To Blog Sites | Link Vehicle

Two or three years ago the following paid to blog sites were popular. A lot of bloggers including myself had been getting opportunities and made money from them. Lately, there were like couple of PtoB sites that are still active such as Social Spark, Payperpost, PayU2Blog and Blogsvertise sometimes.

What happened to the other PtoB sites? Well, some of the advertisers have learned to contact directly to the publisher and paid less. Instead of paying media marketing to spread the word for them and promote their business and clients company, they contact the bloggers, or SEO expert. Although, there are still a lot of advertisers who still works with these Paid to Blogs sties/company and they’re usually looking for sites with higher PR, and great stats. But if you are new to the blogging world and is looking for ways and means to monetize your blog then you would to visit all these site and register your blogs. Some Paid to Blog sites have gone and some still remain. There is also new PtoB that you might want to consider checking out. Register your blog to Link Vehicle.

LinkVehicle is an SEO advertising company that connects advertisers with our network of top notch publishers. They are SEO experts and provide free consulting to advertisers and publishers to help them achieve the results they are looking for. If you want to make money with your blog, then check out Link Vehicle and register your blog. Read the FAQ for information on how to get started and answers to all your questions. Good luck!

CMF Ads to Close in October 2011

CMF Ads to Close in October 2011. This is the latest post I have read from CMF Ads when I checked my dashboard. I have been a member of CMF Ads for almost a year and to be honest most of the traffic to my blogs came from CMF Ads. I advertise my blog in Adgitize before to drive traffic and visitor and perhaps lower my Alexa Rank. But every time I stop advertising in Adgitize my Alexa Rank will just zoom up in an instant. However, with CMF Ads I have listed 9 blogs in my account and all of these blogs have 1k+ Alexa rank and others have below 1k Alexa Rank.

I feel sad when I find out that CMF Ads will be closing in October 2011 . Read the reason found at their latest blog post Why The Closure. They have already disabled the ability to add funds via PayPal, and add a new blog. CMF Ads will gradually start closing down the various sections of the site in the coming weeks.

Be Guided with the following timetable:Source from CMF Ads

* September 16th: Add Funds option disabled. Add Blog option disabled.
* September 18th: We will disable the ability to place new ads on this date. This will affect Campaigns, Network Ads, Fireworks, Atomic Ads and Spikes. Any running ads will have time to complete before the cut-off dates listed below.
* September 25th: The current cashout screen will be disabled. (We will provide a new way to cash out so we can do the last cashouts in one big payment. More on this soon.)
* October 23rd: Cut-off date for cashout requests. Any funds that have not been cashed out at this stage will be lost.
* October 23rd: Widgets and ads disabled.
* Before October 30th: Final cashout requests will be processed.
* October 30th: Site closure.

Update: To give you a way to earn a small amount of account funds or spend your funds, Spikes will keep running until early to mid October.

First Payment from AdBeans

My first payment from has finally arrived. I started from this website in mid January and cashed out my first earning on the 21st of February which is last month. It takes 15 days before the money will be added to your paypal, and they are true to their words. Today is exactly 15 days. I received a whooping amount of £57.00 GBP and converted into dollar.
Gross— Fee Net amount
£57.00 -£2.42 £54.58 GBP is a quick and easy way to earn cash from your website. You add our ad serving code and we place relevant, clean, styled text ads to your website actually adding relevant content to your page.

Generate income – through selling simple text based adverts

Register with now and earn money with your blog by putting links. You can visit their website and read their FAQ for more information. This is a legit website, now doubt about that. Goodluck!

I actually posted this in Blogging Make Easy site but thought of reposting it here.

Comparing Adgitize Report

I started with the adgitize as a publisher for my blog Milestones in 12/10/2009 and decided to advertise it in adgitize around May or June. From then on, I got paid three times for the following dates shown in below payment report.

I just want to get traffic so i didn’t mind if i get a return on this investment. However, my sister signed up in adgitize just recently and she told me to post topic or comments in the forum. I tried once and i got 100 points on it which ads up to my points. Below it the recent reports of points earned for this month and earnings. That time that I posted single topic in adgitize forum i got a total of 450 points on that particular day which was converted to $0.65 as earnings. Therefore, being active in the forum would add points and earnings to you adgitize work.

Points Earned this Month

Each day all points earned is being calculated from the day before and show them in this report.
Total Points Earned This Month: 6485


The total you’ve earned per day for the month will show in the earnings. The report is calculated on the second day after you have earned. So, if you earn on Monday you will not see any dollar amounts until Wednesday.

These are my sister’s adgitize report. I screen shot it to compare the earning result. She just started as adgitize publisher/advertiser last December 10 of this year. Then, she became active with the forum. Have you noticed the number of points she gets in the forum? You get points for the forum by posting topic, commenting and joining the conversation in the threads.

From 12/10 – 12/28,2010 she already have earnings of $10.28. Adgitize pays on the first week of the month once your earnings reach the threshold of $10 for PayPal transactions and $50 for payment by check transactions.

I am not consistent in dropping and clicking ads this past few weeks that is why my points is kind of low. If you get 360 points you’ll earn $0.50 each day. How much would you think will earned if you consistently just drop or click ads everyday? Do the math.

My sister’s blog @ Step It Up Alexa Rank started at 6K and now it coming down to 1k. So, advertising in adgitize is worth a try. You’ll earn and it drives good traffic to your website. You’ll get back links and meet friends if you comments to these blogs you click as well.

Click the badge to register in Adgitize.