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New Domains and Blogs

If I remember correctly, 6 months ago I made a promise to myself not to add domains to my collections. Well, I broke that promise again. It’s just too hard to keep that promise when you’re an addict. This is a different addiction so for sure won’t affect financially and physically (a little maybe) waaaa.

Most of my domains are registered under Godaddy, some at Name Cheap while my sisters domains are at Big Rock and JustDomains registrar. Anyway, i added couple of niche blog and domain to my existing blog domains and then I bought another contest and giveaway niche blog from Techie She. Am thinking of getting active again at online contest and giveaways when I decided to buy this blog and domain. I would like to thank Techie She though for selling this blog with a PR1 as bonus. When I bought the blog, Google made a page rank update and so generous to give this blog a PR1. Thank you so much She.

Moreover, just this week I got two more domains, and one of them was courtesy of Nita. The godaddy was having a promo and was accepting credit card only as payment. So, I asked Nita to buy the domain for me and I’ll pay her but fortunately, the godaddy was having a $1 domain sale and she got the domain for a buck. She gave it to me as free. Last night I made an impulsive decision of changing one of my existing blog domain to a new one and give the old one to someone I know. I already bought the domains and thanks to godaddy promo code got discount from that domain.

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