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2nd Payment from Loud Launch

2nd Payment from Loud Launch

2nd Payment from LoudLaunch

Woot! Woot! Finally the Loud Launch paid us for the job we did last August. It was a very long overdue payment but it doesn’t matter at least they pay. Unlike that BlogAdvertisingstore former PAYING POST that didn’t pay us a penny. What a scam!!!. I’m happy now that they paid us. This goes to out savings for coming trip. I’m looking forward for the next pay from the September job. Thanks Loud Launch. Thanks to Anygen also who are very good in emailing the website to remind for the payments.

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if you are a regular visitor in this blog you probably noticed the changes of my site. Perhaps you wondering who did or modify the design? Well, blogger just look bellow the footer to find out the designer of this pretty blog ehem! Actually, i had this blog designed already by my good marz AC. But the theme I picked wasn’t that good and some of my widgets in my sidebard had gotten out of control. Marz AC is a very talented blog designer but her schedules was so hectic and busy. So, I contacted Madame Carlota to do the job. She is a professional blog designer and really knows how to tweak and enhance my blog. She is very nice indeed to accommodate my request and kakulitan hehehe. Thanks madame for my sexy, pretty and fabulous look, my blog i mean hehe. So there you go peepz, give you blog a unique and original look.

Domain, WP Theme and Hosting

I don’t feel so productive today. I didn’t finished my pending task that I grabbed last weekend. I spent most of my day thinking a good domain name for my sisters blog. I’m planning of getting them a self hosted blog in wordpress platform. Since they are still newbie and still learning this whole blogging thing I had to do everything for them. Well, except for the setting up because marz Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online and behind the Mom-Hosting will take of that.  After spending all morning thinking for the good domain for us I finally came up with  The blog is not set up yet.  I just emailed Marz Rubz for the details and the theme.  I spent my whole afternoon surfing and browsing the web for a suitable theme for this blog.

I also found out that the name of the domain is important in search engine.  I read few article from google and other related sources (i forgot the links) how to choose the right domain name.  If you use a keyword in the domain it gives the possibility to improved your website visibility on search engine.  But of course you can’t just think of a keyword or domain not related to the topic your talk in your website or business perhaps.  If I knew this information before i should have thought of a good domain name in some of my other blogs.

Anyhow, I like the sound of the domain I just bought and I hope this would bring goodluck to my sisters so they would earn more moolah online.   They both don’t have a job so i told them to make a new blog and maintain the old one Sissy’s Pastime as it has pagerank one already. I hope once this blog reach three month, sheriff would accept it in their network. For now, i gotta hit the hay. Well adgihop tomorrow folks.

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